My trip to Scotland ( to be continued ) black and white version

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Hello everyone hope you are all good and well here's a series of photographs I took at a old train station leeming bar this was a stop off on the way to Scotland it was my girlfriend's brother's wedding it was a really great day and trip I got loads to share so stay tuned and I would really appreciate some feedback I always reply to everyone who comments

Here's another photograph I took at the old train station didn't have to long there as we just stopped off here on route to Scotland I thought this would be a perfect stop have some food and drinks and get some photographs to share with you all


Here's another photograph I took of a old Train at the old Train station I really hope that you enjoyed this part I still got quite a few photos to share from the old train station


Here's a picture I created out of the three photographs I just shared


Thanks for reading and viewing this post I hope that you liked it if you did why not check out my other posts like this post @kgakakillerg

I try my best to post content daily I would also like to say I really appreciate every single one of you who support me old and new remember to leave me a comment and I will give you all a free BEER token and maybe even a upvote I will also check out your page and if I see anything I like I will upvote it I try my best to manually curate daily

My trip to Scotland ( to be continued )


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Ok thanks

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