Comment contest! || Play blank game || 10 SP Prize

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Play blank game.jpg

Follow the following for participating

V W X Y Z (These are 26 English letters you have to use to fill blanks)

Fill the blanks in between these words.

1 ) F _ _ _ _ _ Y

2 ) R _ _ _ _ _ w

3 ) J _ Y

Simply guess these words by filling blanks in comment section.

Rules that you need to follow
  • Post your entry in this post comment section.

  • Your post should simply contains three words answer.

  • Your post should be free from plegiarism and any sort of AI generated content.

  • Your post should be exclusive to steem so #entertainment at end of your post is mandatory.

  • There's no club restrictions to participate in this contest.

  • You should be very original and very creative in your writing because it would enhance your chances to winning this contest.

  • It would be more good if you will add my username @sahar78 somewhere in your post so that I may visit your entry.
  • Please invite your three friends must at the end of your post so that they may also participate in the contest.
Contest schedule
  • The time to participate in this contest would start from 7th June - 13th June.

  • Ensure your participation within the deadline I have provided, otherwise your entry would be considered invalid.

Prizes for contest winners 🏆

Total prize vote is of 10 SP that is going to distributed in first 5 winners

1st winner2 SP
2nd winner2 SP
3rd winner2 SP
4th winner2 SP
5th winner2 SP



Have a blessed day
 last month (edited)

hello @sahar78 hear my entry:🌈

Use your Fantasy to draw a heart with my magical Rainbow, full of colors and Joy.


a hug to:
@wakeupkitty.pal @yaladeeds @pousinha

 last month (edited)

You are lucky we are fond of you and of course we go for the pots of gold at the end of the Rainbow what a joy it is to be part of your fantasy.

Good luck, it's good to see you.

Greetings @sahar78 here is my answer.

  1. Forgery

  2. Rainbow

  3. Jay

I would love to invite @josepha @roselove and @eluustanley to participate.

 last month 

Thanks for participating

Entry no 7

Thanks for the invitation.

I'm here with the toads as background music on a night in Venezuela without electricity and many mosquitoes.

I'm trying to fill in the blanks since I can't sleep because of the heat. So let's see if:

  1. Factory
  2. Rainbow
  3. Joy

They are the correct answer in the middle of my sleeplessness.

@albaandreina @kpbermudez @mariami


 last month 

If you ask me these are the right ones. I hope the factory will switch on the power as soon as possible and the day will bring you a rainbow with pits of gold.
All one needs is joy.

Good luck 🍀❤️

 last month 

Thanks for participating

Entry no 4

 last month 

Greetings everyone how are you doing today... I'm @iffatilyas from Pakistan 🇵🇰..This is very amazing contest organized by @sahar78
Here is my entry..

@meehu @zoyabhatti06 @woka-happiness


 last month 

Finally a Rainbow of Joy
It sounds like a wonderful wish or a goal to achieve.
I think it's awsome worth my upvote.

Blessings to you dear @iffatilyas

 last month 

Means a lot for me 💓 your review
Thank you so much dear friend

 last month (edited)

Thanks for participating...

First word is little bit wrong but still fits into the blanks.

Other two are correct ✅

Entry number 2

 last month 

@sahar78 Perhaps his "fantasy rainbow joy".
But I have an one entry option.

 last month 

Results would be announced after payout of post.

 last month 

Okay I'm waiting ✌️

 last month 

😲 So who waits and reads your comments knows the answers?

 last month 

Good morning!
@i-am-ejaaz from pakistan
I am going to participate in a contest organized by @sahar78

Following are my guesses:

@m-habib @danish786 @khadija-gul participate here.


 last month 

Thanks for participating

Entry no 3

 last month 

Good morning!
@mehroz from pakistan
I am going to participate in a contest organized by @sahar78

Following are my guesses:
First word is FACTORY
Second word is RAINBOW
Third word is JOY
@m-habib @sahar78 @khadija-gul participate here.


 last month 

Thanks for participating

Entry no 5

 last month 

My answer is:

(1) Family
(2) Rainbow

 last month 

Thank you for sharing your participation

Entry no 6

Hello Everyone 🙋
How it's going?
My name is Zoya and I'm from Pakistan.
Here is my participation for Play blank game contest by @sahar78

Maybe the words are

  1. Fantasy
  2. Rainbow
  3. Joy

I would like to invite my 3 friends

Thank you💗

Trimakasih @zoyabhatti06 sudah mengajak saya untuk ikut serta.

You're most welcome 🤗💗

 last month 

👍 Thanks for participating

Entry no 7

 last month (edited)
 last month (edited)

Friday (6 instead of 7 letters)
Review (6 instead of 7 letters)


#steemexclusive (these tags never work)

#comment this is for English speakers only.
@xiao-aine @eveetim @sbamsoneu

 last month (edited)

Oops 😬
Your first two guess are wrong.

These are not Friday and Review.

These are easiest words but something else, instead of that you have guessed.

Well thank you for participating ☺️

Entry no 1

 last month (edited)

How great is that but yiu shouldn't have said that. 🤭

So joy to all it is.
Good luck with the contest. I hope many more will join.
Blessed be!

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