THE DIARY GAME : Wednesday (09-09-2020) Flying a kite

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Hello Everyone
I hope all my friends are enjoying life and making good efforts to spead smiles.

I opened my eyes in a beautiful morning of wednesday . And after getting ready for office and taking breakfast i watered all plants and then went to office and started doing my last task which i left yesterday

So first i once again searched for some editing apps for video editing and then after a while i got succeed in finding a an awsome app names Inshot video editor
It has a feature that you can edit video withoit watermark by watching a one time add of 30 seconds .

So after downloading it from Google playstore i created a video through this app then some uploaded some latest lectures on youtube channel .

I finished all my work befire my duty time of first shift but i was not feeling well , so i asked the incharge for a short leave they looked at me and then allowed me to go home and take rest .

Then i came back to home and after having lunch i took medicine and slept for two hours ..
After two hours sleep when woke up i was feeling better .
So then i watched cartoon series of motu patlu at my computer with my children ..

Then my son showes me a kite , i was surprises to see that becouse in my childhood i used to fly and catch the kites alot . So it refreshed my past memories of flying a kite .


"photoshot of kite"

First i picked up my smartphone and took a photoshot of that kite . And then i asked about the other meterial we say it Manja / reel in our language . But he said there is notthing .so we left the plan to fly a kite.

Then i came back to my room and asked my wife get me a cup of tea so started preparing tea for me and i started checking latest posts from paksitani steemians in the community at steemitblog .


"Contest 3D text picture created by Me"

After reading posts and enjoying a cup of tea i decided to announce a contest in the community but after thinking alot i was not getting a proper idea of the contest . Suddenly i thought to engaged my fellows in the same activity by doing this every one will be active more at steemit ..

So i decided to announce a contest for THE BEST CONTEST ORGANIZER.. first i downloaded a picture from internet by searching google and then edited it by an app .. for title of the contest post. Then i created another contest 3D text picture through Xara 3D software at my PC .Then I started making a post for contest ..

it took my two hour to be finished .then it was dinner time
After having dinner i upvoted and commented all new diary posts of my friends . And then i had a long connverstaion about the contest i announced .. becouse it was a surprise for all . And all were asking about it ..

Then i started writing my diary post and after publishing it will sleep ..

Thats all about my wednesday activities ..

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Thanks 💓The Steemit Team💓 @steemitblog and 🌹@steemcurator01🌹

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Regards @rashid001
Team: @tuseefandteam

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Spending time with your children and watching cartoons of their choice shows how much you love your family❤
The contest 3d picture looks great.
And the contest is really good to be honest :)
By the way, i hope you are better now :)

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Thanks @haidermehdi 💓🌹

 last year 

Bro i love gardening , every morning with routine watring improve the health of plant. ( REsearch )...

#onepercent #pakistan #crpk

You didn't flied a kite, just missed because of reel. I have reel but I can't give you that 😆. Nice contest you organized, hats off.
#onepercent #pakistan

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