Welcome Roy & Future Plans

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Finally Roy joined the Steem blockchain as @royliusteem. This is totally the real Roy Liu and 100% not a satire account. He is such a good boy. Always trying to please me. Roy is Head Of Business & Corporate Development @tronfoundation and also my pet. We have a very special relationship. If you haven't heard about Roy yet here is a voice sample: https://vocaroo.com/embed/h7YXFbOVHbK (Feel free to use as notification sound on your mobile phone!)

Just look what a handsome guy he is.

Roy Liu

Cute little pupper. Please be nice and follow me and him @royliusteem. We eventually won't fork you out of Steem in the next hardfork if you do!

As I have already announced Steemit and its propriatary blockchain will soon be integrated into the TRON blockchain. This means to annihilation for the existing blockchain. But it's your lucky day! As the generous person that I am you will get 1 worthless TRC20 token called STEEMY for each STEEM token! Stay tuned. I will shortly tweet detailed instructions: https://twitter.com/justinsuntron

My marketing monkeys also made me aware of the phenomena called "@nedshair". I demand that the community creates a @justinshair account. My hair is not only more beautiful than Ned's but also has a higher net worth and its own TRON wallet!

In a recent article the FORBES Magazine ranked me 10/10 in the list of most fuckable spoiled asian rich kids! What a success. Who would have thought that I am that fuckable? If you are up for an adventure call me. smirk

That's all folks. I will now meet with CZ and Ciara to discuss the next takeover steps. They power down... for now

And here are some memes to distract you guys from what you have just read:


Thank you so much for granting me an account on your blockchain master Sun! Since you stopped the account creation through steemit.com this really honors me as a loyal servant! I plead my immortal loyalty to your ever lasting greatness! Praise the 🌞

Good. Your account may stay after my next hostile takeover and the fork that will follow.

Welcome! 欢迎👏 !thumbup
@justyy develops tools https://steemyy.com
He is a CN witness https://steemyy.com/witness-ranking

This is a troll -- i wonder how you honestly commented in this post lol

didn't know at that time. 😂

Lol -- can we spam here then --- LOL ?

i wonder you have setup with RUPA yet -- join my discord


Hey man. I like the sattire, and it if giving me good laughs in these dark days.

But could i ask you for something? Having a such similar name as the offical Jusin Sun account and the same picture might make some people confused and take these posts as real (specially people who have a really hard time understanding jokes).

Could you at least change something in picture (or use nother profile pic) to make a bit more clear that this is sattire?

It's just because we are on a delicate situation, and some people might do something stupid and worse it even more.

Besides that, keep it coming. We all need a good laugh.

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