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Hi guys. This is your Justin reporting from the Steemy blockchain only for you! Many of my friends asked me: "Hey Justin. How did you do the hostile take over of the Steem blockchain.". Well. Down below, for the first time ever, I will share my version of "How I met your Blockchain".

When you plan to destroy something that many people worked on for years you have to expect that they will cheer for you in any possible way. I was surprised how well received the token swap and dapp migration announcement were. When Ned and me first started talking we quickly agreed that swapping all tokens against the will of the community and migrating dapps to TRON would be in the best interestest of both parties. Me and Ned.

We didn't really tell anyone what we were planning. And then BOOM. 14th February 2020 and we released the most exciting news for the Steem blockchain that could possibly exist:

Just a quick site note here. We deleted the tweets and gave up on these ideas*

The plan was simple:

  • create fear
  • wait for hostile action from 20 random hackers
  • take over blockchain
  • dump all the stake
  • share profits
  • maybe migrate some dapps to TRON on the go. (Not really necessary because we already have the best dapps on TRON)

Now that the swap was announced we had to only do one thing: Wait.

We waited. And the 20 hackers sometimes referred to as "witnesses elected by the communtiy to represent them and their interests" rushed a soft fork that locked all our assets. That's right. They froze 65,000,000 Steem that I legally owned and purchased with my hard earned money. Luckily @royliusteem was around when Elizabeth broke the bad news to me. I sobbed. (Not really. But there was some press around.)

I left the room and swiftly picked up my Samsung phone (with integrated TRON wallet!!!) and called my bro CZ at Binance and my secret crush Ciara at Huobi. In an emergency meeting we agreed on the genius plan to fuck the community and take over the chain. Mission "Sockpuppet" was brought born! Ned quickly setup a witness server to run our very own interpretation of the Steem blockchain. He kept asking us if we wanted to listen to him playing the guitar. Can you guys believe how annoying that was?. Anyways. Meanwhile CZ and Ciare powered up custodian funds, pretty much giving a fuck about their customers, and in a glorious act set @dev365 as witness proxy. With all this power I took back control over my blockchain. Yes. My blockchain. I own you and this place. Deal. With. It. After all we saved you, the community, from 20 malicious hackers! Be grateful!

We are true heroes!

I would like to

Payouts now go 50/50 to @null and @steem.dao. This is my way of giving back to the community. Love you guys. Thank you so much for reading. Please upvote and resteem!

*for now

What's the interest in doing that? Why not make your satire with your real account? Apart from misleading a lot of Steemians since you don't even mention that this is a satirical account, I don't see the point of pretending to be Justin.

I have nothing against satire as long as you're growing some balls 🤣

I am glad you like my posts!

It is like the fake Trump accounts in Twitter, they are easy to spot. The real Justin has REP of 58 and this one has 55.

Really! fumanchu

Hey my baby Tron Overlord Justin Sun dear, who is that hot chick in the middle?

Please stop: plagiarist, spammer or ID thief.


Get removed from these blacklists. Then we can talk.

There is black list?

Ashton Kutcher just fooled ya again.

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