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Dear Steemy community. This is your 🌞 again! Today I have crazy news for you!!! I officially announce Justin 🌞 witness campaign. I want work closely with community and not take part in governance. For now. So please read my post.

This mega server I rented with my hard earned money. I named it GODZILLA!

CPU Intel® Core™2 Extreme Q9000
OS Debian 4.0 Etch
Memory 1024 MB
Network 10Mbit
Storage 256 GB HDD

I not only run one but twenty witnesses on my godzilla server. This allow me to easily take over the steem blockchain. But I not plan for this. For now.

I want you all to know how dedicated I am to the TRON Steem blockchain and how much I trust the community. As my tweets and previous communication clearly show I am trustworthy and have a good technical understanding of Steem. I even tought CZ and Ciara how to power up Steem and vote for witnesses! As a witness I will work on migrating the Steem blockchain and its dApps to the TRON blockchain.

As you can see in the current top20 witness list I am already very successful with my campaign:

I personally support all of these witnesses. They fight for a truely decentralised blockchain. Something that was a really new concept to me.

Below you also find my roadmap for Steem:


Let me know what you want to read next! Today I found @royliusteem's diary. Maybe I share some stories!


To bottom banner is crazy.

Do you like it? It's my new ad campaign on Weibo!

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