Titans to sign former All-Pro Vic Beasley

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It has been a seriously chaotic couple of days for NFL free agency this week! It will likely continue for the next couple of days, and then there will be the draft in a month!

Since getting hired by the Titans in 2016, Executive Vice President/General Manager Jon Robinson has not been shy in making decisions and trades that he believes will make the team better. He doesn't always go nuts, but overall he is significantly more active than most general managers I remember the Titans having in the past. I like most of his decisions, he seems like a sharp dude.

It was reported yesterday that the Titans intend to make another solid and intriguing signing. They plan to sign defensive end Vic Beasley. There was a time I remember that the former Falcon was regarded as one of the best defensive ends in football, and perhaps on track to be the best. In 2016, Beasley led the league in sacks, was named an All-Pro, named a Pro-Bowler, and made it all the way to the Super Bowl. Since then, his super high level play has declined. But he has definitely established himself as a good pro. He isn't too old either, so there is always hope he can return that elite form!

Beasley will only be 28 years old when the 2020 season begins. The Titans signed Beasley to a one year deal worth $9.5 million guaranteed, and up to $12 million. I really like that the deal is short term, just to see what sort of production the Titans get. The Titans have a decent collection of talent throughout the defensive line and outside linebackers.

It is so nice to add consistent talent that is still pretty young! I am very curious about this Beasley signing and I really hope he can positively mesh with the players in Tennessee! Perhaps if he has a good year and both sides want it, he can be re-signed longer next season!


Welcome to Tennessee Vic, Titanup!!