Titans Sign Quarterback Ryan Tannehill on a Four Year Deal!

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Just at the beginning of free agency, just like that the Titans put all Tom Brady speculation in the trash and they sign Ryan Tannehill!! Sure a part of me was fascinated that the GOAT of QBs could come to Tennessee, but I loved watching Tannehill play last year and I love his style of play! Tannehill was clearly the smart choice!! This is great!


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I love this signing. I will admit, I didn't expect that a year ago I would feel excited that my favorite team signed Ryan Tannehill to an extension, but I really am! Ryan played very solid football last season. The contract value is actually not bad considering the rise in cap space and the fact that quarterbacks value tends to infinitely rise year after year. The contract is 4 Years, $118 million in possible earnings with the incentives, $91 million in guarantees.

Unlike other people, I don't think Tannehill was really that bad in Miami.

  • Tannehill's stats were actually decent in Miami
  • Tannehill played in Tom Brady's division
  • Miami is not exactly always stellar at building rosters
  • Dan Marino could not win a Championship in Miami
  • Tannehill was superb in Tennessee last year

Tannehill is in the prime of his career. Let's see what he is capable of with a full off-season knowing he is the guy! Starting from Week One!

Also, I believe it's sometimes unwise to assume every single athlete ever can't improve and come into their own later in life. Even their thirties. I don't always agree with the saying 'can't teach an old dog new tricks'. Tannehill isn't even old but still, it's a similar thing.

Tannehill was a receiver for quite awhile in College. He had to work and improve to get where he is at. People constantly doubt him. I have a feeling that Tannehill is quite motivated.

I have watched a fair amount of football in my time. Last season, Tannehill passed every eye test for me. Cannon for an arm and accurate. Good athleticism. Good instincts. This guy is good people! Just watch!

I am so glad the Titans locked up a solid QB for the next couple years! I totally trust in GM Jon Robinson to put the right pieces around Tannehill.

Solid Quarterback play can be very difficult to come by. Ask the Browns. I as a Titans fan know the feeling as well. This is big!

Tannehill just might become the best QB the Titans have had since Steve McNair. Time will tell!

Next up for the Titans, and equally as important, is getting Derrick Henry back into two tone blue baby!!



This is a good move by the Titans. Brady isn't Brady anymore, signing him would have been foolish.

No doubt, all in all it was the practical and safer choice! Especially with Tannehill being eleven years younger lol

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