Star Running Back Derrick Henry Franchise Tagged

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Tennessee Titans extraordinary running back Derrick Henry was franchise tagged by the team on Monday. I am glad the Titans didn't mess around tagged him as soon as possible. Derrick definitely deserves to be the highest paid running back in my opinion. But at the same time it's not like he isn't being paid pretty well. Henry is due to be paid $10.278 million dollars under the tag which isn't horrible. It puts him at fifth among NFL running backs. I CERTAINLY want Derrick Henry to be a Titan for the rest of his career. But when it comes to if I feel bad he hasn't gotten paid? No matter what he will get paid as long as doesn't suffer a bad injury. #5 running back as of now, he will definitely be paid well next year, hopefully in Tennessee, but I know in the end this man will likely be paid very well, so I don't feel that bad. He led the league in rushing and he will surely play great again. Teams will be all over him! Hopefully the Titans.

Now of course I love running backs, and I do believe Henry is a very major reason the Titans want on a great and memorable run last season! He is worth more than 10 million or even fifteen. But just according to the current market and and how good he is, I know he's going to be pretty well compensated in the end. He will likely pick up some kind of endorsements, he likely already has some right now, I have no idea.

derrick ravens.jpg

Plus if he stays in the state of Tennessee, there is very low state income tax. By the year 2021, there will be zero taxes on individual income. So come on Derrick! Stay in Tennessee man!

At the end of the day as a fan, I am just lucky and happy I get to have the beast in two-tone blue for another season, as long as he doesn't hold out! But assuming he doesn't, it's great to see Tannehill and Henry run it back with a full season from Week One.

Overall great news!! #Titanup Derrick is amazing!!




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