Quick-Slowfood - Dandelion "Honey"

Welcome to another Quick-Slowfood time-lapse out of my "No Waste Of Taste" kitchen! ...

Dandelion "Honey"

Full Cast:

  • The Yellow Petals of the flower called "Taraxacum", also known as Dandelion
  • Fresh Water
  • Sugar (i use Brown Cane Sugar)
  • Lemon Juice

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Please, if you have any questions, recipe ideas or else, just leave me a comment. I would be pleased to exchange my experience about healthy food! Thanks for watching/reading, now enjoy your hopefully Sunny Day!

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This is a "Silly Kitchen" - Production

I am avoiding waste by recycling "all" leftovers. So no waste of taste in my kitchen... Most ingredients are what others don't want or are not allowed to buy anymore. "Only" organically grown and produced as local as possible. Then enriched with all the tastiness you can find in nature... Even the "waste" during the cooking process is often used to complete the menus!

Peace Love and Grooviness

BTW - i'm the Dude
i do what i want, when i want and how i want

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ohh you have help!

Excellent, I really like your attitude and your post is super interesting, really what you love is what you should do, this reminds me of my husband, who calls me as a sweetheart, hehe, all natural things are good for your health, many blessings , A hug