Freedom always Wins. Safety can only postpone freedom

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If you really want to understand politics then you have to forget the classical paradigm. There is no such thing as left wing or right wing.. There are no liberals or conservatives. There is no light vs dark. Evil vs Good. The argument has always been one. Freedom vs Safety.

A conservative wants freedom carrying guns. A liberal wants freedom in regards to their body. A conservative also wants fetuses to be safe and not aborted. A liberal wants gun control so he can feel safe. They both want the government to grant them freedom and safety while restricting freedom and safety from others.

This argument is rarely made in politics because it can render all debate obsolete. It all comes to how many people support one decision vs how many people support another. Politicians choose freedoms and safeties, a la cart. They use them strategically as bait in order to get elected and propagate the system’s illusion. And we fall for it. Every single time.

There is absolutely no argument against freedom. Every single decision taken in regards to safety has to do with some kind of irrational fear. Most of the time is due to lack of technology for that domain. But even if technology steps in, other safety problems emerge. There is always something to control and conquer. Always. Why? But because humans are by nature insecure.

Take for example the evolution of the car. We needed laws to ensure people did not drive drunk. The self driving car steps in and someone can drink all they want. The behavior of the car user did not change. In another timeline they could drive drunk and kill someone. But now the safety issue is transferred to the car manufacturer and some other complicated legal contract with the owner. People originally wanted to feel safe from drunk drivers and so they invented traffic laws to restrict driving freedoms. But they could only do it for that long. Freedom won and shuttered the safety conundrum into new issues ranging from car manufacturing and car purchasing.

This is exactly why most governments issue more and more laws to restrict freedoms. People seek more and more safety from the emerging paradigms. Technology doesn’t really solve our problems. It just shutters them into seeds that spawn new problems. But this is a topic for another time.

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