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Hello everyone, today i will be sharing my past experience during last year’s Vesak festival. It’s about launching a balloon 🎈 which was a product made by us. We have been doing many different things as village friends for many years. After a long separation from each other as the way life goes we could find out our pleasure time again in last year with the COVID-19 first wave.

Making balloons was not a new experience for us because we had been doing that for many times in many ways and also at that time i had nod joined with steemit. If i had, I would be taking pictures while making the balloon. But unfortunately i have no pictures of making the balloon. I only have pictures when it was launched and those also were not captured by me.


Most of the villagers were joining with us to make our mission possible and others were our crowd to enjoy and capture our work. All those people were big encouraging for us to finish the hard part of the mission. Actually it is not easy as it looks like. It is very hot and it feels burning while filling hot gasses into the balloon. As above picture shows the balloon was almost ready to launch. When the balloon is ready it feels our hand and it tries to fly taking us too.

After having hot and hard time with fire it comes to an end. It’s to lit the kerosene torch which is hanging with the balloon. After that the mission is complete and all we want is to let the balloon fly.


Then it was the time to say “hure”. The balloon flew away finishing company with us and all we could do was looking at her going far away in to the dark sky.


Good bye balloon 🎈 ❤️❤️


not a new experience for us because we had been doing that for many times in many

Really? I have never seen a this kind of balloon except from TV. So the balloon is gone? You need to make a one again next time?

Yeah it is flying until the torch finished burning. By that time it would have gone miles away. So the balloon is gone😉😉.
Yeah we need to make another one again 🙂🙂

Does it have a specific temperature for the air to fill with. I once tried to float a sky lantern, but failed.

 last year (edited)

There is no any specific temperature for the air , all we should do is to fill the balloon with heated air coming from the fireplace. But we should keep filled air warmer. For that a kerosene torch is used

That is how it work then. thanks for information 😊.

Try it again. It will be a good experience. 🍻

Very nice experience. What's the material used to prepare your balloon? That kerosene torch was inside the balloon or used only to fly? Thanks for sharing experience of your nice work🙏🙏

The material can be either Tissue papers or Polytene and we used tissue papers. Kerosene torch is fixed in the middle of the ring of the balloon using binding wires. Actually this torch is hanging outside of the balloon.
Thank you for your interest dear🥂🥂

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Wow!! It should be a great experience!! Maybe we all can join the party next time... 😁😁😁

Yes it is… Sure next time we will join. Sometimes it may be in this year 🙂🙂

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Wow.....!!! What a nice experience 😍 How about making more balloons in small size 😬😬😬????

🤔🤔 we have never thought about that and never tried. It’s really nice to hear it from you 😍😍 and thank you. Will see your opinion 😍

It is so beautiful when spreading lot of lighted balloons all over the sky 🙊🙊🙊

Surely it will be…hoping to try it😍😍

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