Growing little by little with Steemit | 100 SP achieved | 10% to Sl Charity

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Hello everyone…
Hope you all are fine and having good time with steemit. As you all did, I also joined with steemit with the guidance of one of my best friends who involved with steemit by then. He is @ishdeva and he was one who introduced me this wonderful platform. I am really thankful to him and all is because of him. Actually he was encouraging me also for powering up in steemit in most of the times.


I started the journey with steemit this year on 20th of May. It’s almost a month with steemit and I could achieve 100SP today. Actually i was in some kind of confusion with steemit because I never had such kind of experience. For getting informed with a supportive environment in steemit, @damithudaya was very helpful and encouraging to grow up and also @randulakoralage and all the members of Steem Sri Lanka community should be mentioned. All are very supportive and it’s really interesting carrying on with them. As new face in steemit I am really lucky to have such guidance and all our problems were clearly explained and helped to overcome by them.


Aslo I should mention @cryptokannon and should be thanking for helping new comers in steemit by delegating 30SP. I also got support from 30SP delegation. Once again thank you for all your guidance and support for me to get adopted in steemit and take a step forward.


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A great start!!! Good luck on yourjourney!!

Thank you brother

Thank you for all the supports you have given to Steem Sri Lanka ! This little souvenir to celebrate your generosity... We wish you all the success!


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