A Visit to Mahakanadarawa Tank 🌦️

in Steem Sri Lanka3 months ago


Since yesterday, I was feeling very low and my husband suggested a mood swing. He suggested to go to Mihintale. I agreed, and we set off to visit the Mahakanadarawa tank located in the Mihintale urban area which is built by King Mahasena.


If my memory is correct we visited here perhaps a year or two ago and today when we went there my memories flooded back. When we used to go there, a water project had been started and now, it is completed. This journey, a deviation from our usual routine, proved refreshing, especially as we picked for a motorcycle ride.


When I see Mahakanadarawa, sometimes I wonder about ancient engineering. Arriving there, that vibe was instantly calming our minds. The water level of the lake is low these days. We spent some time there and on our way back home, unexpected rain began to pour. Anyway we quite enjoyed the rain as well. Despite the rain, our spirits lifted, leaving us with cherished and renewed memories.


It's a beautiful area😍

Yeah 🌸

Such a beautiful city.
කොහෙ බැලුවත් වැව්! ❤️

Yeah, thank you 🌼

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