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During the following few weeks, we experienced many issues related to plagiarism and duplicate posting within the community. We are now updating our community rules to maintain the consistency and quality of the community.

Updated Rules

01. We do not accept plagiarism and self-plagiarism

Plagiarism means that a person presents someone else’s ideas, words, and concepts as his own. The posts with plagiarism will be muted with a comment directing to the original content.

Self Plagiarism
Self-plagiarism means presenting their previous own content as new content multiple times. One may attempt to receive rewards multiple times for the same content. Posts with self-plagiarism and cross-posting will be muted with a comment directing to the original content.

02. We do not accept duplicate content posted also in similar blockchain

Some posters duplicate the same content both in steemit and other similar platforms. It is common they are getting advantages from both platforms which are really unfair to #steemexclusive users. We will mute duplicate content with a comment directing to similar content.

The main reason for updating rules came up with a similar incident. Today we noticed a particular account has posted 4 posts within an hour and has decorated them with self votes. When checking them, we found that the account duplicates content from a similar platform and also edited the particular post by removing it’s content. We don’t see any value for the community by doing this.

03. We highly expect the engagement with other posters

We highly accept the engagement by voting and commenting on other posts in the community. We have noticed some people never vote for others but still expect attention on their posts. That doesn’t make any sense about community building. Please try to make at least 15 comments per week within the community.

04. No spamming

Posts/comments smell spamming will be muted without making any comment.

Those who continuously break the rules will be permanently muted.

Please use the following tags as reasons for muting

Spamming: spam comments and posts, link posts and comments
Plagiarism: posting others’ content
Self-Plagiarism: posting own content twice
Mistakes: Edited empty posts


CC: @steemcurator01