Steem Sri Lanka Anniversary Celebration Meetup | Save the Date

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1st anniversary.png

This reminder is to block your calendar at 9.00 pm (GMT+5:30) on 12th September...!

It is our time to have a peaceful gathering with our friends. This time it is not an educational session. We just spend some time with our unseen friends.

  • Please mark your calendar, it is on the 12th of September at 9.00 pm (GMT+5:30) It is Sunday in SL
  • It is better to show your faces this time
  • Prepare with some stories, gossips, and news
  • It will happen through Zoom..
  • No participation limitations.. Everyone who is related to Steem Sri Lanka can join!

The participation link will be shared on the 11th of September.

Inviting all you to join!

Don't forget to join our anniversary celebration contest:



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A few unforgettable, intriguing days🙈💓

A virtual anniversary celebration ❤️. This will be fun 😁. Marked my calendar!

Wow I think it will be a nice meeting.....

it's more fun like a party

we partying the whole week. ha haa.. check discord. I sent a message

haha..It will be a good virtual meetup.

සතියකට කලින් කියලා hype කරලා සතුටින් ඉන්නකො 😏

It'll be very interesting meeting. 🙈❤️

This will be my first virtual party. Sounds great I'll be there😜👍💕

bright the guitar

Noted. ❤️. Let's celebrate this wonderful moment together😇

I'm a new member to the Steemit family🙋‍♀️ would love to join this.😊❤

Waiting for anniversary celebration😍😍


This time, count me in! 👀🙊♥️

This post has been featured in the latest edition of Steem News...

I marked this date too 😍😍😍

waiting waiting waiting...!!!!

Got it.

waiting for interesting meeting

Waiting for this anniversary celebration .😍😍❤

Um so excited to participate!😍 It'd be a cool shot!

Waiting for that 🙈❤️

Wow! How exiting! Greetings 🤗

Soo Excited 😍😍😍

onna kattiya lassanata adala, muna hodala dath madala ehema lassanata enna oni...

How amazing. This is a successful community of steemit platform. Within my four years blockchain journey I never seen like this celebration. Go ahead guys. My best wishes to you all.

Congratulations for you are @steem-sri.lanka ...🎉🎉🎉🎉
I wish you all the best

One of the best day in our lives. Waiting to celebrate this

Great chance to see you all

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