Sent 2000 STEEM to Save Lives ! | SL-Charity Phase II

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Under charity phase II, we already sent 70 720 LKR for a house renovation project under this proposal.

Due to the current critical pandemic situation of the country we decided to go for donations mostly. We could gather information about 3 very important and emergency matters.

  • To a Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery
  • To Planting a Wall Oxygen Supply System to ICU in Arachchikanda COVID19 Treatment Center
  • To Purchase a PCR Machine to Embilipitiya Hospital

1. Funding an Urgent Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery

The patient is a 49 years old father who is diagnosed to have a Triple vessel Coronary Artery Disease with functional class II Angina. The cost for his surgery at Asiri Hospital Kandy has estimated as 1 000 000 LKR (5075.95 USD) and it is a large cost that can not be held by an average income family.



This was informed by @prasadi and @damithudaya and we sent 75 000 LKR directly to the patient's bank account and they verified they got the money. They thankful a lot and said they were worried about finding the money on time.


2. Donations for Newly Planting Wall Oxygen Supply System of ICU in Arachchikanda COVID19 Treatment Center

This hospital is a COVID19 treatment center that is located in Galle District. Critical COVID patients who have no facilities in general hospitals are transferred to this hospital's intensive care unit. The hospital is working for building an urgent wall oxygen supply system for their new ICU unit.

We contacted the chief medical officer Dr. Anuradha via phone and he said their current estimation will be 2M LKR and they need to implement this as soon as possible due to the current situation of the country.


We sent 200 000 LKR to the fund and doctor Anuradha verified that they got the money.

"Faster we build this, we can save at least one more life than we do now"

This is what the doctor said always.

We sent money in two parts due to transaction limitations. If you willing to donate personally please contact us for account details.


3. Donating to Purchase a PCR Machine to Embilipitiya Hospital

Unfortunately, the results of PCR test results of Sri Lanka are delaying due to a lack of PCR machines. Embiliptiya Hospital's COVID19 treatment center is looking for support from the public to purchase a PCR machine.


Their estimated cost for a PCR machine is 6 M. As this is a very important requirement, we decided to fund them as well.

This was informed by @saman88 and @madhumunasinghe. We sent 25 000 LKR to the PCR fund of hospital. In Sri Lanka, there is a big delay of PCR test results from 3 days to 7 days and maybe more. This machine will do an impact to detect COVID patients of the area faster than they did early. And imagine how many lives we can save!



ProjectAmount in LKR
Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery75 000
Wall Oxygen Supply System of ICU in Arachchikanda COVID19 Treatment Center200 000
To Purchase a PCR Machine to Embilipitiya Hospital25 000

Total STEEM we sold out = 2177 STEEM
Total amount in LKR = 300 000 LKR

Remaining Fund

Currently, we have 1,680.718 STEEM remaining in the fund and we are working to re-fill the fund back.

Thank You!

Steem Sri Lanka is thankful to everyone who set beneficiaries to our charity fund, to everyone who voted on our posts, and to everyone who helped to this event even with a word.

That's great members of other countries also gave us a big contribution by setting beneficiaries to us. And you will live long and happy due to this good karma you did.

We wish this 2177 STEEM can save thousands of lives!


No more happiness than seeing, we are doing something back to society. It's amazing we could collect this much of huge amount in no time. Great work team. Let's keep it up!

With the current situation in our country, I am very happy that we could contribute to prevent the covid-19 as much as we can. The other thing is that father. We were able to be a strength to him as well ... I'm happy more and more about launching the SL-Charity program.

Congratulations to the Steem Sri Lanka team @randulakoralage, @damithudaya, @sandu and @sandupi.

Steem Sri Lanka's community account @steem-sri.lanka has now reached 200,000 Steem Power.


Happiness personified ❤️

Great work... 😍😍😍😍

Great work Team SL :)


Great work guys!

Congratulations !

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Im so happy to see this 😍😍, Great work 🖤🖤 Keep it up 😍

Excellent work, thank you very much for your kind hearts.

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happiness is like air

Wah! you are an example to follow, each day more in love with the incredible people working in Sri Lanka, good job team!
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