How I Got into My Profession | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 09

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The Profession is the summation of our interest, skills, creativity, hard work, dedication & Mindset. Experiences, Living solvency, career & success are the ultimate result of our profession. So that, there has a philosophy on the profession.

"Choose your profession based on your interest & dream."


A profession divided one's life into two-part. The first one is "Responsibilities" and the second one is also the "Responsibilities". The ultimate responsibilities of professional life and the ultimate responsibilities of family life are quite different from each other. The responsibilities of two-division just controlled a human being in a very different way. So that a professional man/women maintain two types lifestyle, professional life & family life. Making a balance between professional life and family life is very challenging. People who are successfully making a balance between professional life and family life are the successful and happiest person in the world.

Profession & Reality:


Teaching was my dream profession but now I have to work in the IT sector. This is the most complicated relationship between our profession and reality, the relation looking like the relation between water and oil. Our ultimate reality means the financial status of our family, lacking job opportunities, non-professional education system & corruption forces us to make a solution of water & oil.

" So that profession is not chosen by us, we are chosen by the profession."


I belong to a third-world country named #Bangladesh. In our country, the relation between our profession and our reality is can be compared with a "Gang Rape" of a sexy girl. In our country professions are doing very hard sex with us. We are raped by our professions and organizations. Our education system is not professional friendly. Being graduate with the subject History you can choose banking as your profession. Being a graduate with the subject Pharmacy, you can choose medicine marketing as your profession. Oh sorry, I forget that in our country you are not permitted to choose your own profession, the profession will choose you cause you have a lot of responsibilities to your family.

My Dream Profession & My Ultimate Reality:


I have been complete my graduation with the subject Pharmacy from a private university in Bangladesh. I wanted to be a lecturer of my beloved subject the Chemistry. When I completed the third year of my graduation a political incident that killed my dream caused me made a very poor average result. A top-ranked result is a must be needed to choose a Lecturer as a profession. I have disqualified from the lecturer profession after completing my graduation and also rejected by many Medicine manufacturer companies as well.


Based on my educational background it was very difficult to choose a profession for myself. Setting my mind against my interest I had to choose Medical representative as my first profession. But alas!! I was failed to make a proper solution of water and oil as a medical representative. So, I regained from the job and started to prepare myself for my second interested professional. The sector of information & technology was the second interesting subject for me.

So that, I got admitted to a professional crouse on IT (Programming). When I completed my professional crouse on Computer programming I discovered myself I'm not a very expert and creative in this field. By this time I started my second job in a software firm for developing my skills and gathering many experiences. After passing six months as a software developer my immediate Boss discovered my talent for teaching. One day he invited me to a restaurant and convinced me to become a professional trainer for different kinds of the developed business software solutions.


It was very challenging to find out the proper business field for implementing any business software solution being a trainer. Bangladesh has a very strong background in the sector of Ready Made Garments and the maximum Ready Made Garments industries were started developing their business solution software may we called EBS, ERP, CSM & HRM. Then I made my decision within one week and made an internal department transfer within that Software firm. It was a very tough decision for me because I didn't get any support from my family, friends, and relatives.

But I have to make the decision very fast because I was losing my confidence in programming, I will continue with coding I have a face a very difficult situation overall my professional life. After taking a very challenging decision I started my third profession as an MIS Executive in a Knit Garments Manufacturing Company Named "Lithe Group". I have continued this job for more than 3.5 years with the same company. When we handover the complete ERP solution to the Lithe Group by this time I was promoted as Assistant Manager of the IT & MIS department of that company.

I have been resigned from this job position three months ago and by this time I'm making preparation for our next project in any other Ready Made Garments Manufacturing company.


One very interesting this about myself, Since the November of 2019 I'm working with the #Steem Blockchain and by the long journey with the Steemit platform, I consider myself as a professional content creator for my beloved Steem Blockchain. After joining with Steem I gather much knowledge, experience and developed my skills in various Blockchain projects and in the world of #Cryptocurrency. The world of #Cryptocurrency becomes a very strong source of income for me.

In my real life, I have three variations of lifestyle. The life of an IT trainer, the life with the world of #Cryptocurrency, and the life with my family, friends, and relatives. At present, I'm very happy with my professional life and real life, cause I chose my desire profession for surviving with my real life, believe me, I'm not survival in professionalism, I'm very satisfied with my professional life. Cause I'm a Teacher, whatever the background of teaching it is.

My Goal & Plan:


Within my professional life, I gather much knowledge and experience on the Overall process of Knit Garments Manufacture. Now I'm preparing myself for Woven & Denim Ready Made Garments Manufacturing companies. I will invest more than one year by developing and implementing a business solution for the Woven Garments Manufacturer industry. By this time I will make a very experienced team of Blockchain technology developers and with that team, I want to develop a complete blockchain-based business solution for the overall Ready Made Sector of Bangladesh.

Thanks for being with me. I'm feeling very excited about participating in the contest of the #SteemSriLanka Community.

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Best of luck to everyone who participated in this contest so far.

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