The journey to Kalutara

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Last week, I had the chance to fulfill one of my wishes by visiting Kalutara Bodhi. My friend Roshani and I had been eagerly waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and finally, it came.

We started our journey last Saturday morning, heading to Roshani's sister's place. We left home around 9 am and arrived there by 11 am. Since Roshani had to buy some things, we decided to take the regular route instead of the highway, although I think we would have reached there faster if we had taken the highway.

It took us about 2 hours to reach Kalutara due to a bit of traffic near the Ambalangoda area. When we arrived, my little friends, Thisini and Ranuja, were excitedly waiting to see us. They were overjoyed to see their beloved crazy punchi roshani. They really adore her. The weather was very hot that day, unlike other days. I remember there was a big jackfruit tree in front of their house, but it had to be removed because it was a bit dangerous. I felt the absence of that big tree because of the burning weather.

Kumari akka (Roshani's sister), had prepared a delicious lunch for us. My little friend Thisini served it to me in such a lovely manner, and I truly appreciated it. After lunch, we took a rest and decided to take a nap because of the heat. We had planned to visit Kalutara Bodhi in the evening, but since Roshani wanted to buy some gifts, we left at 4 pm.


We were able to quickly find all the items she needed, saving us time to go to the beach. Finally, we went to the beach and spent nearly an hour there.

Afterward, we visited the Bodhi. Since it was vacation time, the place was somewhat crowded. However, we all felt a sense of calmness there. I took many pictures to capture the moment.



With my busy schedule, my mind is often cluttered, but those few minutes spent there cleared my mind. After performing religious observances, we left the Bodhi premises. I was very happy about the time I spent there.


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