Steemit & Me | My 1st Anniversary With Steemit | 5% for SL Charity

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I remember, about an year ago.. at the start on November 2020 to be precise.. @dasuni told me that there is this online platform... where you can post your written articles.. and there's lot more to it.. Also she said her sister @sandu is already a member of it and she also going to join sooner..

 2.jpgMy Introduction Post

Then I remember.. she sent me the link of her introduction post and went through it.. and then I thought.. "කොරෝනත් ඇවිල්ල තීන එකේ තව මොනව වෙන්නද.. ට්‍රයි එකක් දීලා බලමු.. " So, finally because of her.. I joined steemit on 15th November 2020.. that mean an year ago.. And now, today is my 1st Anniversary with Steemit..

At first, I got no idea about what I should write.. And those days.. I've been watching movies and series since years.. I watch tech videos.. as a hobby sometimes.. So I thought of.. writing about those stuff.. First I had no idea.. but I wrote. And that's how I ended up with my Tech Blog series and Entertainment Blog Series.


And as for today.. I've posted 61 Entertainment Blogs and 41 Tech Blogs. For me, that's impressive.. within in 102 days of past 365days, I've written what I mostly like. With contest posts, I think it could be close to 120.. And I will continue it further more. I've improved my writing skills throughout the time and shared the things I want because of Steemit..

 1.jpgThe Contest I Organized..

Talking about the Elephant of the story.. these things won't be possible without this amazing community.. I'd like to make this an opportunity to thank all the active members in Steem Sri Lanka Community.. Without you guys, that comments, that votes.. I may have easily given up Steemit.. I'm also doing my part as best as I can.. showing my support with comments and delegations..

00.jpegWith Community Friends..

Our community started the SL-Charity program. And it became a great way to help people who need help.. These days, we can't go to house to house and give essential things they need. But we give our support for the people from online who are needed help.. When thinking that I've shown my support at least by a steem, that thing is enough to keep me happy at least for some time. And all these things was possible because of steemit..

I could write more.. But I'd like to keep this short.. what I've achieved from this platform is enormous.. I've done many things right and yeah..I've done incorrect things too.. But overall.. I had a great opening year with steemit.. And I'm so excited to continue with Steemit in years to come... Thank you all guys.. Stay safe.. Peace ✌️


Happy Anniversary💖 Actually you are doing it better than I thought you would be and even better than me😍

ඒකනේ ඒකනේ..
මාත් හිතුවේ නෑ අල්ලන් යයි කියලා..
ඔයා කීව නිසානේ ඉටිම් ආවේ 🥺
තැන්ක්ස්.... ❣️

Happy 1 year anniversary with steemit brother. You have come a long way on this platform so far. Let's move on to another successful journey. 🖤

Yeah bro.. let's move forward..
Thanks brother..

Happy Anniversary and Good luck! ✌

තැන්ක්ස් බ්‍රදර්..

Happy Anniversary Malli.. keep steeming 💖.

තැන්ක්ස් අක්කා...

Happy anniversary ayye 🤩

තැන්ක්ස් බ්‍රදර්..

we spent a great and fun time.. awuruddak unada kiyalath hithaganna ba. Charattath maru. eka nam kawadwath amathaka wenne na.

Usually it is so special when boys maintain such a good profile for a long time

Happy Anniversary, keep writing

ඒක තමයි අෆ්ෆා... අවුරුද්දක් ගිහිල්ල.. 🐒🐒
තව චැරිටි එකකට යන්න බැරි උනා නේ.. කොරෝන නිසා 😐
Get එකක් වගේ කරන්න පුළුවන් නම් මරු නේත..

Happy Anniversary, keep writing

තැන්ක්ස් අක්කා...

happy anniversary!

තැන්ක්ස් අක්කා..

happy anniversary🎉

you are very good at creating blog content. you give us so we don't miss your movie story. you are creative in this field success for you friend

Thank you sis..

you are very good at creating blog content

Thank you🙈🙈this encourage me to write more and more..

it's talent you have to do, i love that blog when i don't see it on tv, i just need to find your name with flim quality 😀😀

සුභ සංවත්සරක් ඔබට...😀

තැන්ක්ස් බ්‍රදර්..

Happy anniversary!😍❤

තැන්ක්ස් sis...

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