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2022 has just begun and the new year brought us new hopes. My target for this year is to help whoever needs help. Especially for small kids with skills and talents and pregnant mothers who are waiting to see their child's face within a few weeks. I did not have many people to help me rise. I want to be one for someone else.

Schools have just begun and society is suffering from past covid effects. Many poor people have lost their day today earnings and expenses have risen up. It is a hard time for everyone. I decided to help small kids who have faced difficulties with their education. I had this idea within a few months and finally decided to start it with the new year.

In my village, many families find their day-to-day expenses by working in cinnamon cultivations. Some engage in these activities generation by generation. That is their only source of income. I selected a few families with the help of my mother and father. I decided to distribute stationeries with the help of everyone who dedicated their earnings to the SL-Charity account.


The program will be done based on my home village, Godahena. I have selected nine families which have 13 students in total. Four of these families have lost their fathers already. It counts seven kids without their father. So, their mothers are having hard times with these kids. So I think these families are suitable for a little help.


I have made the list of items that I need to buy for them with the help of your money that is in the SL Charity Account. I should especially thank the Chamara Bookshop which agreed to give these stationeries at special discounts as this is charity work. I am going to buy them as soon as possible and hand over them within this week.


It will cost around 17000LKR which is similar to 84.23$. I will bring you another post after completing the job. From that, I will give you the full list of items, costs, and everything. Let's meet with another update soon. Until then, Have a nice time!


help whoever needs help.

You've started your year with an great intention.

Hope this would be successful as always.❤

They really need our help. Lets do this with love.🙌

This will be a big help for them. We should always try to encourage those who are learning. They are the future. Great work ❤️

Such a great work , Wish you to success your hope akke 😍❤️

it's a wonderful job, giving kids school supplies that's how we bring kids a better life. Succes for you

You are a kind hearted person.We need more like you nowadays.

Great job akke....🤩🤩🤩

I see here huge lake form from small droplets and providing a massive service to the society.... Really happy be a one droplet here...Thanks @sandu....

Their happy faces when they got their gifts😍

Very good charity programme.god bless you.

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