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Having consecutive boring days is stressful. I cannot go out of my garden, even to a nearby shop. We are under covid-19 isolations and therefore every activity is restricted. To spend time, have to find something interesting to do.


The Lovi tree in front of the house is full of its fruits. It reminds red colour bulbs in festive seasons. This fruit is one of the favourite foods of the bird called Bata Goya in Sinhala. The English name would be Sri Lankan Wood Pigeon but I am not 100% sure.


When they landed on the branches of the tree, many ripe red colour fruits fall down under the tree. The reason is, the bond between fruits and the branches is very weak and gets weaker when it ripes. Even when we pluck fruits, ripe ones fall down. I hate this scenery. 😏


The colour change of a lovi tree is very beautiful. Its younger leaves have a reddish colour and turn green with time. The younger fruits are green in colour and turn orange-pink colour with time. Then with ripping, the colour gets darker. First, it turns red and then become dark red/ maroon. At the final stage of ripping fruits become dark purpulish. This is the best time to eat it.


Purplish coloured fruits are less sour. At earlier stages, it is very sour and some cannot even without puckering their mouth and face. 🥴 But I love them. Lovi fruits are better with some salt crystals. Mouthwatering. Also, we made Lovi Pickle by adding pepper, salt, sugar and chilli powder into chopped Love fruits.


This time after seeing lovi, I wanted to make a jam out of them. During last season, my mother first tried it and it was better in taste. So, to get rid of boring isolation life, I made this again.


My brother helped me to pluck them from the tree. The photos show the process of making. It is very simple as making other jams. But as Lovi is a hard food physically, I boiled them in hot water before blending and sieving. Other than sugar I added a pinch of salt into the mixture.


I made 3 bottles and this is one of them. See its colour. Even without any added colours, how colourful is it! Amazing. Nature has amazing colours. Just see around. You will find them.


One of my favorite fruit.😍.It is look so yummy 😋

Home made foods are the best.😍😍😍.That color is really amazing.🤩🤩🤩

One of my favorite fruit.😍

if we were in the university, we could share. 🥺
I too like homemade foods. yeah colour is amazing though no artificial colours were added.

Wow looks really good! 😍

yeah it looks better than I expected. 🥰

Ohh I miss those lovi. If not this isolation, I would definitely come there for them😂

Yeah. we can't eat them all. unfortunately we are still under isolation.

Yeah! Nature has amazing colours😍😍 I have also a lovi tree in our garden. I always eat them but never came an idea to make jam from them.. ok! You gave me an idea amiga😍😍

you should try making jam. specially if you love sour taste, put less sugar or if you want it as a real jam, put enough sugar. 😍

Thakkali sauceda?

moda damith.

Is it an innovative product or already available in the market. Any way that color is attractive. You can continue it as your own home made business.

no I haven't seen this in the market. my mother made this during last lovi season by her own.

You can continue it as your own home made business.

I don't know whether many love it as some people don't like sour taste. but yeah. should give it a try.

Yeah.. that color looks stunning..
So what kind of a taste does it have??

if you add more sugar, it is just like normal jam. if lesser sugar is added, then it has a sour taste. it depends.

Wow it looks so delicious

yeah it is. you too can try it.

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Fascinada con tu Post, súper detallado, muy bien contado aunado a la realidad que estamos viviendo por el confinamiento del Covid-19. Colores hermosos de menor a mayor intensidad. Gracias por tan interesante lectura🤗👌

Fascinated with your Post, super detailed, very well told coupled with the reality that we are experiencing due to the confinement of Covid-19. Beautiful colors from low to high intensity. Thanks for such an interesting reading🤗👌

thank you @teretiti for visiting and also for your comments.
do you have this fruit in your country? if it is, try to make it.

No la hay, pero lo he hecho con otras fruta de otros colores 👌 🤗

There is not, but I have done it with other fruits of other colors 👌 🤗

yeah it is same for all Jams. 🥰 just the taste and color is different.

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