Another memorable journey to Kurunegala

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After New Year's Day, we decided to visit my sister in Kurunegala. I really enjoy long journeys, so going to Kurunegala is something I look forward to. We left at 8 am and reached Kurunegala town by 12:30 pm. We spent some time at a highway service area, so the journey took longer than we expected.



Kurunegala town is the largest town in Sri Lanka. Despite its size and crowds, I liked the town. After visiting my sister's house, we spent a few hours there and then decided to explore the city. Since it was the start of the New Year season, most shops were closed, and we could walk around without any disturbances or traffic.


We didn't have much time to stay because the vacation was short. Even though I had vacation until the 23rd, Kalana had to start work on the 15th.

Little Sadew, who is now 4 years old, enjoyed our company more than we did. He is so cute, and we had a great time listening to his adorable talks.

We spent more time enjoying nature. My sister has a beautiful garden with many colorful flowers, so I took some lovely pictures.
Last time we visited Kurunegala, we took a long trip. This time, we wanted to find a place we could visit in just one or two days, as we have a short vacation. So we decided to visit Polonnaruwa. I'll share more about our trip there in my next post.


You came to our main city. When you come to kurunegala next time try to visit Kurunegala lake round.

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