A day at Polonnaruwa

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We started our trip to Polonnaruwa around 7 am. On the way, we visited our relatives and spent a few hours there, having breakfast and lunch. Although they asked us to stay longer, we continued our journey because we had planned a short two-day trip.

Next, we decided to visit Girithale Lake, which was a wonderful experience as we don't usually have such memorable experiences. When we last visited Polonnaruwa, we also visited this place. Since it was the New Year vacation, the place was crowded.
I felt inspired by the wind blowing from the lake. Even though we live in a village, this experience was special for us, used to a concrete environment.


After our time at the lake, we headed to our accommodation named cannel-side villa near the town. We chose this villa because we needed four rooms, and other hotels or villas didn't have that many available.

Accommodation is very important when travelling, and as we planned this trip suddenly, our major problem was accommodation . It was somewhat difficult to find a place to stay , but finally we found a place named " cannel side " . All the rooms had air conditioning and other necessary facilities. The villa owners were friendly, and their service was good. However, the total cost for all the rooms was nearly 20,000 rupees.


Despite the last-minute planning, our day in Polonnaruwa was unforgettable. We spent the night happily, looking forward to the next day.


I am eargerly waiting to visit polonnaruwa. I've never been there.

Nice captures

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