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Yesterday, I shared our visit to Hiyare reservoir. On Saturday, my boyfriend got a quick idea of doing something good on the way to Hiyare. He proposed to distribute some food items to low-income families celebrating my birthday. These days prices of all the things are extremely high. Even though we don't feel, thousands of people of this country are sleeping without having a proper meal. I agreed with him without a doubt.

The next challenge was selecting families from Hiyare. We used 'nearby' feature of Google maps to check for a near by temple. After checking multiple temples, we found a temple called ශ්‍රී පද්ම ගිරි යෝගාශ්‍රමය which is close to the Hiyare reservoir and also with a contact number.


In this way we were able to contact Hatangala Udhitha Thero via the phone. Thero was so supportive and agreed to select 5 needy families for us.

In the morning on trip day, we went to a retail shop and purchased stuff enough for 5 houses. I am very glad, the people of the retail shop helped us a lot to pick up stuff and packing them well. They spent around 45 min on our work.


After visiting the Hiyare reservoir, we used google maps to visit an unseen temple to meet an unseen person. It wasn't difficult to find the place with the help of the map. Hatangala Uditha Thero lives in the temple with the helper person. Thero welcomed us and even invited us to enjoy some fruits and sweets he received after an Almsgiving.


After that we started our second journey. Thero also visited with us by car. Thero was a very calm person. On the way, he explained to us about each family. I felt the process is so neat even it was a sudden plan.


First, we visited a house with two disabled children. They are constantly having medicine. Then we visited a house where their father passed away a month ago. This family has no income and the mother is doing some daily jobs to feed the family.


In the next family, there was the father and son. Son is about 18 years old and he can't walk. The father repairing electrical equipment as we saw.

In the fourth house, there were an old disabled woman and her son his wife and a cute kid. Their house was very small and made with wood. I love the kid. He ran towards our car and started to worship Thero. He was so excited to check what's inside the bag. After we turned back, we stop the car again and gave the bottle of fruit juice we had to him. He took it happily.


I had to take some chocolates. Next time we should.

Third house was very small and made of mud. The mother said that she has 6 sons and a daughter. I wondered how they live in this tiny house. Their house is located on a mountain with a very difficult path to go up. There was an unsafe well on the path to the house.



All of them thanked us very much. Even they don't, I know no one is unhappy after receiving an unexpected gift. They can reduce around 5000 LKR from their monthly expense. We wish we could give more.

Actually, we were very happy about what we did. Udhitha Thero helped us a lot through the process. Thero showed us a way to each and every house. Finally, we donated some money for the development of ශ්‍රී පද්ම ගිරි යෝගාශ්‍රමය which is building newly. This was a significant experience in our lives. We were able to measure how capable we are by ourselves. Also, we did something different with various challenges. The only sad thing is I wasn't able to lift any of the packages by myself. They were that heavy.

I am really happy about my day...

Thero invited us to visit the ශ්‍රී පද්ම ගිරි යෝගාශ්‍රමය.. It was another big experience.. See you tomorrow with it.

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Good things you do in your life be with you forever. I felt so proud about both of you... Great work buddy....🤗

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It was really a wonderful gift, a joy you gave people.

I know no one is unhappy after receiving an unexpected gift. They can reduce around 5000 LKR from their monthly expense. We wish we could give more.

The goods you gave them may last for a few days, but they will always remember the moment when someone unexpectedly arrived to greet them. .

May Allah bless you so much that you will share such happiness with even more people in the future. ( Aameen)

the feeling we recieve from these, never expire

You always do great work and inspire us. All of this good will come back to you, my friend.❤️ .

yeah there is a universal rule

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this is a noble job, you give a beautiful hope to the member's life, I am very happy that you can help people in need, good steps are always with you, good heart success

thanks dear.. I loved this feeling

you deserve it, you are always blessed with kindness. how happy your close people are

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You have done a great job. I have seen before that you have done this kind of works.

🤗 we all do.. that's the different

Great work 🤗. You always like to help people.

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in amount I can

When we show kindness we receive kindness from God. It's very thoughtful of your boyfriend to visit those in need as a way to celebrate your birthday. Live long and celebrate more quality birthdays.
Keep adding value to humanity.

Thank you verymuch iykewatch for your thoughts

Great Work.keep it up.

Thanks maaame :)

Great work akka. Definitely this kind of works make pleasure for you.

I am really happy about it

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Great work as always..!

thanks sudu

It is a great pleasure to see such a great devotion.

karma follows us :)

Beautiful post from your side

thanks deepak

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Monawa unath harith kiyanne honda lamayek.... Oya lamaya godak pin karala thiyenawa eya wage kenek labanna...

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