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Today is the 73rd independence day in Sri Lanka. As it's a national holiday all the members were at home. My mother is a teacher and also in charge of the kid's library of the school. The library was renovated recently and she wanted to do some decorations on the walls.

She asked me to do some, so I planned to do a butterfly wave starting from the sun. I chose it because it can cover a wide area of the wall and easy to design. Actually, I thought the colors of the walls are white but it was too late when I got to know the walls are green. ha haa


Already I have cut butterflies using 6 colors in 3 sizes. So today was the day of deployment. In the morning we went to school and first I checked for a suitable wall in the library. I selected the wall that just in front of the door so that those who enter the library see this deco first. Then I drew the shape using chalk.

Then I used double tapes to paste the sun and butterflies on the wall.


The biggest disadvantage was the wall color, it would be prettier if it is white. I had to cut more butterflies while pasting as it required more. After I pasted them all it came like this.


Then mother asked to paste something in side walls as well. So I cut some flowers and small butterflies and decorated sidewalls too.


We spent the morning half there, by pasting butterflies and some statements.


Great job! I am sure the children will like it. :-)

I am afraid they will pick butterflies and play with them. I have pasted butterflies in my room too. Both my cat and dog destroyed the butterflies in lower height. 😅

Maybe you should teach them how to make butterflies. Then, they can also add their handiwork to the wall, and they won't take them down. :-)

Woww♥️ , very nice , I like the color theme and butterflies

Happy Independence Day 🌹

I like the color theme and butterflies

😃 oh thanks bro. 🙊 Good for kids. Independence day passed happily.

Your wall decoration is very lovely...
Green walls really goes well with it


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oyage 4to ekakth alewuwada library eke? 😂😂

Ai ai moko😒 ah man malak wagene. Ekai me.. aneeee😍