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Dir: Zack Snyder



An Excellent Remake.

Yeah I mean I already knew that the original dawn of the dead is damn hard to top off, because it was already at the peak in whatever it tried to do. in my opinion they are both no way that anything else that could do it better. So an idea for a remake should take a different approach and that's exactly what this one does. The basis, the idea of packing the last people standing into a shopping mall, I think it’s a genius concept that opens up many possibilities and enables many things to explore inside the film. Both films are constructed on this solid foundation, Just the construction method of the superstructure is different.


One thing that the original dawn of the dead struck me most was how effortlessly George A Romero handled the storyline. He was like some kind of a God-like figure who could do anything, it seemed like that. Be it whatever that comes to his mind he was able to blend it with the main storyline So smoothly. ridiculously enough, the movement speed the total assigned to the zombies has become a crucial factor, the factor that decides the scope of the films. Romero’s slow zombies minimised the horror element on surface pretty much, enabled him to go beyond. What I’m trying to say is that Romero’s dawn of the dead what's a zombie film that was not about zombies. Here Zack Snyder takes that factor to his advantage, aiming to make a film that's more thrilling. But this restricts the scope of the film, taking up the space.


Nevertheless, Snyder manages to create his own moments, clever enough, very successful. He has to create the group with more members to get what he wants as the sub-plots, But he doesn’t have sufficient space to develop all of them. Not from lack of trying anyway. But somehow at the end of the day no moment falls short.


Visuals, Sound effects, Cinematography, And especially, the blood is superbly handled. Not to forget Tom Savini’s magical work in the original, but in an overall technical view, the remake is definitely, and obviously better than the original. With all this, Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead in my opinion, provides ‘the’ satisfactory remake that anyone could expect.


Really enjoyed the guest appearances from the original cast. Specially because the character of Peter in the original film is kind of unforgettable to me, very impactful.

IMDb Rating – 7.3
Letterboxd – 3.4/5

Dawn of the Dead (1978) – 5/5
Dawn of the Dead (2004) – 4.5/5

Zack Snyder filmography

BvS Ultimate Edition – ★★★★½ (Need more viewing)
Man of Steel – ★★★★½
Dawn of the Dead – ★★★★½
300 – ★★★★


I think I should watch it ASAP🎃

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