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Sinhala and tamil new year means endless visitors in our homes. Some times it's little irritating but i adore it as a lovely thing in our culture. It truly provides a space for relatives ,neighbors or the friends to forgive and recreate their bonds in a lovely and respectable way. For my home also we had so many visitors.


So most of my time was given for helping my mom to treat them well. Sometimes we prepared lunch or dinner for our relatives. In the first picture you can see my cousin sisters who we meet once a year even though they live 30 min distance from my home. They wanted a group picture of us and as same aged people we are a matching group always. In our childhood we had a great time together.

My grand mom has increased the amount of visitors for my home as I think. She has younger brothers and sisters and they do not forget to see her during the new year. For that reason new year is the bestest season for her. I love that old aged, matured people and I love to be with them. They have so many nice stories to share with us.


That's how my time passed in this vacation. Before going back I thought to take some pictures with my little one!

Thank you!


Nice to see you here. Hope you enjoyed ur vacation well. Happy new year dr🙏💐

Wish you da same dr! ❤️

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