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There's a difference between cupcakes and muffins . May be from shape I think. I think muffins aren't much soft like cupcakes. I used to have chocolate chip muffins from keels bakery here. The very first bite is unforgettable. It was rich with chocolates and it's perfect for a chocolate lover like me .

I really wanted to make it by myself. So I searched on internet and found the best recipe I needed. It's a double chocolate muffin recipe.


Ingredients -
All purpose flour / cake flour
Butter/ Magarine
Cocoa powder
Chocolate chips
Baking powder

Amount can be differ according to the amount of cupcakes make


Cupcake moulds


First I added Astra , sugar, vanila and beated well for 5 minutes until sugar dissolves. The. Added 2 eggs one by one and mixed . Again beated for 2-3 minutes.


Then I added cocoa powder, Bakng powder and flour mixture. Mixed well and beated for 1 minutes.


Finally added half of chocolate chips coated with flour. ( Coated with flour to prevent from sticking).

Then I filled the cupcakes moulds with the batter . Topped some more Chocalate chips. I already set the oven for preheat. (180°c for 15 mins). Then I baked for 15-20 mins .


Original recipe

The only change I did from the original recipe was I didn't add milk and I added Magarine insted of butter

This is my best baking try so far.. look and taste both are soo good I think now I've catched some baking skills ☺️☺️


menna meya.. contest eka win kara gaman hadanawa ho gaala

Ow me dwswla free hind hdnw ho gla 😂

Seems like you have done a great job here. Since I can not taste this I won't be able to tell the thoughts about its taste. But I am petty sure it should be really good by the look of it. Well done sis.

Thanks Imantha. Actually taste was good ☺️☺️. @chathux did the taste test 😅

Oh, muffins 😍 you've made them nicely.

Thank you 😍😍

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Me balanna appa meya hemadaama monawa hari hadanawa neh...

Heee ow ane dn hdnna hitena okkom hdnw 🙊

Add some milk next time. You will feel the difference. Anyway, it looks yummy 😍.

Yes I should. I thought adding milk will make it watery. That's why I skipped it ☺️

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Wow. Looks so yummy.🤗
Will try this.

Give it a try for suree 😍

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It's so beautiful sister. Looks very tasty.

Thank you 🥰

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Maru maru 😍😍 It's looking so good dear....💪

Heheee thank you 🥰

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Beautiful post from your side keep posting

Thank you