A Movie Review – Psycho

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This movie is a Indian Tamil language movie and it belongs to the crime thriller category. This film is directed and written by Mysskin and produced by Arun Mozhi Manickam. The main actor of this film is Udhayanidhi Stalin (Gautham) and the main actress is Aditi Rao Hydari (Dagini). Apart from these two people Nithya Menen, Rajkumar Pitchumani and Aadukalam Naren contributed their talent in this movie.

Let’s move on to the story of this movie. There were couple of murdered happen and police officers were doing the investigation. The specialty is all the murdered are focus to female and also educated personalities were killed. After that the dead body is abundant in isolated area. The terrible thing is killer cuts the head of the those ladies and throws the body.

Gautham is a blind person, and he loves so much Dagini. But in the early days she rejected him. Dagini works in a radio station as a presenter. One day she did a program about this criminal and educated the people about this situation. After few days Dagini gives a hint of a place during her radio presentation and told Gautham to come to that place. Guatham listened to it and went to that place. It was a railway station, and the time was nighttime. She waits for him.



At that time the killer came to her and grab her. She tried to escape from him, but she couldn’t. At the same time Gautham came to that place. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see him because he was blind. But he felt that Dagini was in this place. Because he smells her perfume. He realizes that something went wrong in here. Next day police came to him and collected the information. But he understood that the police also cannot find her before she murdered.

Then he went to a retired police officer’s house to ask for support to find Dagini. Unfortunately, that lady also disable at that time. However, she agreed to give her support to him. They analyze the patter of this murdered and identified that this killer may live in a pig farm. It is true. That killer lives in a pig farm and all the girls were brought there and killed them in this place.

He carried Dagini to that place and he tied her to a table. Before he cut her head and kills her, she smiled. Then the killer asked from her why you are smile? Then she said that I know Gautham will come and catch you. Due to this word, the killer changed his mind and thought to keep her more days in this place. During these few days the killer brings people to this place and killed them in front of Dagini. She screamed a lot. One day she saw a lady in a cage. She spoke to her and got to know the reason for these crimes. During the killer’s childhood this lady (his teacher) treated him in a cruel way. And also, this child is an orphan and a policeman abuse him.



However, one day Gautham and team came to the place with a plan. They were able to take a map of this building and with the help of Kamala he able to memorize the map. Once again, they went there to rescue Dagini. When Gautham entered to this place Kamala and her team able to cut off the electricity to this building. Since Gautham could move on without any light he could be able to reach to the place where Dagini was in. After doing many struggles with the killer they were able to escape from this horrible place.

After that there was a meeting with the media. Then Dagini explain everything to world about this killer and the reason for him to become a killer. Afterwards the killer feels better, and he suicide.

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