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Hello Steemers!


My father’s hobby is repairing old bicycles when he has free time. He already repaired at least 5 bikes from the ground up. After he repairs them he sells them and earns some money from them. Since I also do not have a bike, I asked him to find a good old one. Most of my trips are on foot or using public transport. And I used my Punchi’s scooter most of the time. But now, my father repaired this one for me. It’s very easy to ride. I really like it. There are some modifications remaining, but it’s rideable now. I really like my new old bike.


Today is Wap full moon poya day. Poya days are rainy days, says who? Today we had a heavy hit by rain in the evening. We were hoping to go to the temple also. But it was canceled due to rain. I asked my sister to make coffee for us because it feels really good when drinking one while it rains. Especially with the cup given by seniors of my university.


I learned one useful trick on my iPhone. There is an app called measure. I wanted to take measurements of my room window. So, I remembered this app and used it. When I held it towards the wall, I was surprised. It was like magic. All the measurements I needed appeared on the screen immediately. It is really smart. If you also need to measure something, you can also use this app.


Thank you for reading!


Wow. You have a bike now. It's so cool.❤️

Hehe... Thank you very much dr...

Now, make a trend for old bike.

I think that trend is already there...

It would be great if the handle of the bike was changed and modified.😍

Passe balanna one malli.🤗

your father knows the damage to the bicycle, it is very little to find here, if our bike is partially damaged we take it to the repair shop. but you can learn it from your father, if the vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road you can repair it once😀,

Yes, friend. That skill is very helpful.

Lagapathaka hitiyanm bike eke raumak yanna tibuna 🙈.

Ennada ohe...

Ha 😃.

Rawum gahanna puluwan neh ethakota...


භාණ්ඩයක් තමයි ඒ බයික් එක නම් 😃😃

Thanks bro. 50 unata mata hodatama athi.😎

Coffee is a royal drink when it rains.


what is that app....... 🤔🤔🤔 Very useful one for me...

It's call "measure" only in iPhones😁

Congratulations, the new companion will make your life comfortable brother.. 😍

Thanks bro❤️

Its good to know about the app..i would want it soon..

If you have an iPhone, it's alright installed of you have updated the os.

I haven't an Iphone
I should search in the play store

If you also need to measure something, you can also use this app.

and you should have an i phone.

Bike ek supiriyt thiyenawa wge. eka para adurgnna amrui mkdda jathiya eke

Parana model ekak malli 50i engine eka🙈🥴

ඒ ඇති අනේ රූන් ගාල යන්න

what is the name of measuring app?

"measure" it's already there if you have an iPhone.

No dear,,i have only a android device

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