I took a full blood count today

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Hello Steemians!

I hope you all are doing well in these bad times. In this article, I’m going to tell you about the experience I’m facing right now. I’m not well because the fever let me down. It was last Tuesday that I felt a small headache with my right eye going red like blood. I took medicine on that day and felt okay on Wednesday morning. That’s why I decided to go to work without thinking twice.

I have to travel 2 hours for work. First I have to go to Gampaha town by bicycle to catch the train. The journey starts at 6 o clock in the morning. After I reach Dehiwala by train I take a bus to Ratmalana. It’s where my office is located.

On Wednesday, I didn’t feel good after I reach to office. My head became to hurt a lot. So I informed the staff and took a little nap. Things became normal around 10 AM. The office people suggested I go home and rest. I also agreed with them and came home around 12.30 PM. I had to come on my own because there were no extra office vehicles available for me today due to fuel and some other issues. So I had to travel by train.

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After I came home, I slept and woke up around 6 PM. I felt that things are not okay. The headache and the fever are too much. I immediately decided to go to the medical centre with my father. After the diagnosis, The doctor said I am infected with some virus and he is not sure if it was dengue or not. He advised me to take a full blood count after 2 days.

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Today I took the blood count and fortunately it was normal. But I am still feeling not good with the Cough and cold that I have. I hope within 2 to 3 days those symptoms will also fade away.

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In this challenging situation in my country, I know everyone is trying to do their best to keep alive. I can sense that if we got sick in the coming days, finding medicine will also be very hard and expensive. I can already see it when looking at the medicine prices that I received. I don’t want to put extra stress on you guys. But please be ready by taking whatever measures you can take to minimise any extra damage.

Thank you for reading!


It's heartbreaking to learn that you're sick. Imantha putha, get well soon!

Dn una hoday nende. Sema poddak thiyanawa echcharai.

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