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Last week I mentioned our idea of Steem Sri Lanka Facebook Campaign to spread the message about this great opportunity around the country! And as steem Sri Lanka has established a good foundation in the platform, now we are ready to welcome more members to the family. I must say that we were highly influenced by the initiatives taken by senior members stephenkendal, arie.steem, jassennessaj in promotions via social medias.

steemit banner.jpg

A few months ago, we created Steem Sri Lanka - Facebook group and now there are more than 80 members. A page was created along with that, to engage with more people.

Information of the first campaign

As a start, I shared a simple introduction of steemit, what it is done? and our purpose of managing the Facebook page and group.


To reach and engage more people, there is an option of boosting the post with a little payment.

target audience.png

  • Ad Location: Sri Lanka
  • Run for Target - 5 days
  • Age group: 18 - 35
  • Interest in Crypto and blogging
  • Total Budget: $10

So, before the ad, there were very few engagements.

before page.png

Bu within few hours, we are getting a good outcome. The engagement, post reach, and impressions are increasing.




Planning for,

Just after this campaign is finished, I hope to share the first tutorial to guide more inside view of the steemit, to inspire them with the examples and with the sign-up procedure. After having considerable engagement from the first campaign hope to expand the size of the campaign, hopefully.

Learning from past

In the past few months, we had many examples of creating dormant accounts. Without an understanding of the big picture, many users gave up quickly. So, we planned to, give a more understanding from the start, through or telegram channel for newcomers,

And also, to conduct online workshops regularly with them. Our idea is to recruit more long-run members to our family.

So, waiting for a positive outcome for the campaign and expand the boundaries of Steem Sri Lanka community...

Wait for the next exciting update soon!

Thank you!
Best Regards!


Looks good.. let's see how much we can impact on rrecruitment with this

Yep! I think we can make a good impact through this

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By: PromoSteem Community

Thank you very much!!! Of course I will join!

That is actually a great initiative. Facebook is much common among people specially young people. This campaign will bring some new people to steemit definitely.

Keep up the great work

Thank you for the compliment! Yeah, we are hoping for positive feedback!!

Great work brother. This Facebook group will be helpful to new comers.Keep it up.

Yeah, let's make a difference from this!!!

Great initiative. Hope we can see some positive impacts from this on this platform. Let’s see 😍


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I hope this project will enable us to recruit more members. .good planing and great work malli.

Thank you ayya!! Let's hope for the best!!

Hello Steem Sri Lanka - this initiative is truly commendable, the dedication and discipline you put into it, shows perseverance and desire to embrace the success of the project and I am sure that those who follow you and join the initiative will be your best reward. The work will give you more than economic fruits, it will exalt the spirit and the satisfaction of achieving the goal.

Please add me your telegram group...i'm a new member in steemit....

Hi!!! @Thanushi99, you can add through the link in the post. We are glad to give any support or guidnace

Thank you

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