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Friendship is a union between two or more people who have mutual goals and vision.
•Your friends show how you become.
There is a popular saying

Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.

This is very true. Your friends are your mirror. They show people who you are now and how your life goes.
•Your friends are your connections. They show how big or how small you plan to be

Have 5 wealthy friends, you will become the 6th. Have 5 poor friends, you will become the 6th. Have 5 Godly friends, you will become the 6th. Have 5 ungodly friends, you will become the 6th.

Your friends have the tendency of putting what they carry in them into you, whether good or bad. Your friends will always drag you to their standard.

•Your friends are your catalyst. Friendship have the capacity to improve you and your life. A business man having friends who are successful business men will not make looses because his friends will promote his business by giving him business advices, moral support and connections

•Your friends are your support system. Friends do what the back bone does, that is to support the body. Friendship is created so when one is tired, the other can support. Friends stand when the storm is all out against you. You friends are your back up plan

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