I have been posting from steempeak from they launched communities. If i double post in a day, i will upload it from steemleo. I think that's the right answer
Dont use twitter, dont have an account

The weirdest thing just happened, i had to sign into my keychain wallet to post this reply and i got a notice alert saying that we should stop using steemit and use steempeak,, ect.

Ok, so the i do things now is i use steempeak and steemleo to post from. I do replies and use the wallet from steemit. I'll go steempeak only from!!

Yes, I've seen posts to that effect, that's why I asked ... also moving the recovery account from steemit.
I'm not sure where things are up to with the idea of an external website, but (when it's the right time) twitter might be a useful add-on.