Blood Libel: Richard Silverstein Implies Israel Could Be Behind Weaponizing the Coronavirus

A few days ago, Facebook started marking as spam some posts linking to information and articles about the coronavirus and COVID-19, due to a "bug in the anti-spam system."

It was something that affected countless Facebook users, but I am sure most were not whining as much about it as DouchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein, who complained he was being censored

Yes, almost hidden in that screed was this:

It censored a post about Israel's Nés Tziona chemical and biological weapons lab because I said it was a place that was weaponizing agents like Coronavirus (which is absolutely true).
Here is more on the post he shared:

While Silverstein does not explicitly claim Israel developed the coronavirus, he is implying we may have.

At best, he is using a story that shows the efforts we are undertaking to find a vaccine, and turning it into one to paint us as evil.

While Israel does real tikkun olam, Silverstein has co-opted the term (one he cannot even pronounce) to cover the evil he brings to the world.

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