Hiatus for a long time, and finally there's a decent reward after a hard battle!



Dang it! Usually water splinter challenge is quite an easy peasy for me probably because I first thrived with Water Splinter; but this time, it took me a lot more battles (with 4 deaths) just to finish the Water splinter course; but without a defeated reward.

Really happy that I got an Essence Orb, which is SUPER RARE and a RARE Dragon card. The Fire Spitter is actually one of my favourites when I have No Neutral Cards Allowed challenges since I have 1 dragon Splinter that's in level 2.


Now it can be ready for level 3!

Unless I should reserve the other 2 for the little ones for them to play later. Not sure... I am still thinking...


My next good card would be the Undead Rexx I finally find it a lot more workable when it becomes the tank for long range attackers.

I am now anticipating...

Either when I get 3 more to level up to level 3; or keep 3 level 2 cards for the little munchkins later.... there's still time I guess.

My wish list....


Now I finally have 2 levels of Nectar Queen, which is also one of my favourites to collect for the little munchkin's wedding gift for them to play later. I think by the time they are ready for work, this game should likely be a big hit.

Hopefully my stack will be strong enough for them. I have 4 more years to get the first stack ready haha.

That's all from here for now! If you like my gaming experience journey feel free to follow and enjoy my discovery along the way!

Until Then

Stay safe and Stay healthy!


I honestly think you would get a bigger audience on... that other blockchain.. I had better not mention the word. I will be gone in just over a week, never to post or comment again.

I think i'll do that too on the other chain. I actually posted this on Splinter talk but then I realised that it didn't work quite right.

Wow you really have a lot of new and nice cards now!

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