Season Rewards, and 10,000 DEC giveaway

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It's the end of the season so I wanted to show you guys what I got and to spice things up I also put up 10,000 DEC as a giveaway so you guys can have your share of my winnings aswell. What you have to do? Simple... just join the official splinterlands telegram channel and be active to receive your share of 10,000 DEC.

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Another AWESOME CONTEST!!! You Rule!!! Nice cards there! I am glad the season is over, it was another tough one! An upvote is on the way....
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Yeah, the competition is sooo crazy that it becomes harder and harder every season, more players and more cards make it harder to grind through the leagues. So getting some GFL to trade for maxed cards would be nice... but I had no luck tho... :)

I joined the telegram group

Hey dude, nice video! I like the excitement in your voice when you cracked that GF Rare! :)

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Consider me in

@mfyilmaz, I am in for the Giveaway. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Thanks for the giveway :) Upvote + resteem
i joined the telegram channel few days ago. Nice cards btw ;)

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