The Warrior Spirit on Splinterlands

The other day a friend was complaining that lately, he has won few prizes in tournaments and that only some players that he considers very intelligent always keep all the prizes.

He was depressed because he didn't think he was smart enough and started to complain that it would have been a bad deal to get so much money into cards.

I believe it is not true and this is not the right state of mind to face the battles of the game and life, so I decided to write this post. First, he is very talented and intelligent, he just needs to focus more on my opinion.


I play chess since I was a kid at school and even players that at first seem to have no talent can become very strong with training and dedication, so I do not agree with his theory that only the smart ones win.

Since I was young, my chess teacher taught me that I should want to play against the best, because we learned a lot more from defeats than with the victories, on the other hand, you cannot just accept defeat, you must think that you can win.

He said to think like this: Play fearlessly against the strong because if you lose they just did your duty and if you win you will have achieved something big.

We must remain in a positive state of mind, and face challenges with a warrior spirit that is always trying to improve, learn from its mistakes and evolve.

Persistence and patience are important weapons, we are often very close to reaching a new level, but discouragement takes over and we give up. If you have a constant dedication at some point the reward will come.


Okay, buying some new cards also helps. It was a long time since I had gotten a good prize in a tournament and there are currently a lot "Only Untamed" card tournaments.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love gold foil cards, so I decided to invest a little and maximized this summoner: Drake of Arnak gold foil. I found it on sale on the market for only $ 4.50 BCX.

I was in doubt if I had done a good deal, I was told he is not so useful, but at least now I could fight and he would give me access to the Dragon splint cards.

Then luck finally smiled at me, with this summoner I managed to win against Mimosa Nightshade a much stronger legendary summoner and this enabled me to enter the 15,000 DEC prize range. See the battle:

Battle Link: @marianaemilia versus @endgegner

After a long period of difficulties, I finally got a good result.
I was very happy!

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