Splinterlands investment #02 – Win Dark Energy Crystals

Start playing now and win DEC – The Splinterlands In-Game Currency Token.

In addition to having fun and exercising your mental skills of logic, mathematics, and memorization, you can earn real money.


Splinterlands is a cryptocurrency game runs on the Blockchain.

As we will explain in detail in this series of publications, there are many ways to earn $ in this game, but today we will talk about the most simple and direct: The Dark Energy Crystal.

When you win a ranked battle you receive as a prize an amount of DEC (Dark Energy Crystal).

The Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) is a digital token that runs on the HIVE blockchain can be transferred directly from the game to Ethereum (ETH) wallets, among others cryptocurrencies, and then sold on exchanges.


You can play for free by creating a new account or using your HIVE blockchain account, but to start earning DEC and other rewards with monetary value (reward cards, season rewards, tournament prizes, etc.), it is necessary to obtain the spellbook on the Splinterlands website, that costs 10 dollars or get a promotional code.


Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles can be played at any time (24 hours a day) by any player with a spellbook.

After the first battle, the player's rating is generated and it can be improved with each victory until the end of the current season.


Each season lasts 15 days and at the end of it, depending on the score obtained, you receive a season prize in loot chests.

Loot Chests

Each Loot Chest can contain potions, reward cards, and DEC amounts.


Top 50

The top 50 of the season also receive additional prizes in booster packs, depending on the position obtained.

Daily Quests

Ranked battles still allow the player to complete daily quests, which also award a certain amount of loot chests.

(Seasonal rewards and Daily quests rewards will be explained in detail in the next posts.)

Now let's go back to the DEC:


Historically 1000 DEC were around 1 dollar, now it is close to 0.5 dollars but it may eventually rise again.

How much DEC do I get when I win a battle?

Some factors can influence this amount, the main one is the Capture Rate.

Note: There is always a finite pool of DEC being generated daily by the game, so the exact amount of DEC won by each player when winning, always depends on the total number of players battling at any given time when they share this reward.

Capture Rate:

This DEC capture rate bar needs to be constantly reloaded, as it will give you the maximum reward (for every victory in battles) when it is at 100%.


Each game that is played (win/loss/draw) decreases the current amount by 1%. So, every 24 hours, the total amount increases by 25%.

Let's say to us that you are at 100% and play 20 battles, then your Capture Rating will decrease to approximately 82%, and you will need to wait a few hours for it to return to its full 100% charge.

This prevents you from playing hours and hours without stopping. You can even continue playing, but below 80% you start to receive a substantially lower amount of DEC for each win, so it is desirable to wait for the bar to reload.

Especial Edition Cards with DEC Bonus:


Use of gold foil, Promo, or Alpha cards: For each gold foil or Alpha card used in a battle by a player, there will be a + 10% Dark Energy Crystal bonus given in case of victory.

Note that if the card is Promo gold foil or Alpha gold foil it means that there is a + 20% bonus for each of these cards used in a battle.

In the future, a bonus will also be implemented for Beta cards, probably 5%.

Later we will talk in more detail about the different types and editions of Splinterlands cards.

Winning Streak:

Starting from his second consecutive win, the player receives a DEC bonus of 5% per win until breaking this streak, with a cumulative bonus limit of 50 battles.


So obviously have strong cards, knowing how to use the cards correctly in battles, using good strategies will make you win more DEC as you win more battles and several battles in a row.

This is the basic way to win DEC in ranked battles, in the next publications we will go deeper into the countless ways to earn money from the game and we will talk about the Daily Quests, Seasonal Rewards, Tournaments, Trading and Card Burning, Contests and Challenges, Content Creation and much more. Stay tuned.

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Images: @splinterlands, openclipart.org and @gerber



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