Very special pack opened

in Splinterlands4 years ago

Dear @splinterlands fans, let me share with you one very special pack opening

My today in splinterlands started quite normally, I played few tournaments, got nice prize in one and got destroyed in another, nothing extraordinary. Not counting that my favorite crypto rallied, but that’s another story.

Daily rewards were bad for me today. Apart from modest DEC pile only commons and potions. It happens and nothing suggested something crazy will happen today.

But I had one untamed pack lying around and decided to open it…

And I couldn’t believe my eyes…


That 3 gold foil cards in one pack! Three! One is enough to make pack good, having two is something special that happens very, very rarely. Three is something I have never seen until today. I had to check on blockchain to make sure I am not hallucinating. Nope. They are real.
Cherry on top – 2 of those GFs are ones that I wanted and was planning to buy.

I had to share, hope you will get nice packs as well!

Thanks for reading and good luck in @splinterlnads


That's indeed special pack for you my friend.

Three gold foiled cards in a pack will not happen every time. Congratulations :)

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