Opening Alpha Pack

in Splinterlands4 years ago (edited)

Probably every newer @splinterlands player dreams about being here from start, We don't have time machine, but closest thing possible to this is opening very first pack that existed in game.

Today my wishes came true thanks to @kennethbosak, who gave me alpha pack. He is doing 24h splinterlands stream right now. Feel free to check his youtube channel and twitter, if you go there soon enough after this is posted you can still catch him live.

Here is what I got in alpha pack:

Alpha Pack Opened.jpg

Pretty happy about pack contents! Alric Strombringer is staple water summoner, hard to imagine water splinter without him. Silvershield Paladin and Stone Golem are favorite physical tanks for their splinters, Crustacean King is most commonly used tankhealer for water splinter and Sabre Shark is nice sneak assassin. All very solid cards.

I thought alpha packs are unobtainium by now, but found out small quantity is still available on steem-engine market

Thanks for reading, go check Kenn if you want and good luck in @splinterlands!

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