Javelin Thrower saves the day

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Dear @splinterlands fans in this article I want to show interesting card – Javelin thrower.

Javelin Thrower.png

Javelin Thrower well-rounded back-tank/ranged damage dealer that does not shine in any particular aspect, but is above average in nearly everything. So why don’t we see more of them? Lore-wise people who don’t know any better are afraid of giant serpents able to throw javelins. Gameplay-wise There are other great cards in Earth splinter that Javelin Thrower competes for spot with.

Innate Piercing ability does not look that impactful on first glance, but it’s still very nice ability because Javelin Thrower will often play role of “armor shredding forerunner” and damage seems to be nearly tailor made for one-shoting newest promo card – Halfling Alchemist.

Major power spikes are level up where you get extra damage (to lv 4 and 7) and dodge ability is also pretty impactful in many situations (gained when leveled to 5)


Let’s get into match analysis, it is ranked match from high gold at start of season:


Ouch. One of the worst rules possible for me. I have decent Fire and Water splinters and Rely on Dragon Summoners to take care of other splinters… RNG decided that I will have to fight this battle with bronze level cards while scouting opponent tells that I should expect solid collection that includes legendary beta summoners. That’s really scary, but thankfully there is also Equalizer rule that enables some shenanigans so I can try some creative composition. Weak Magic rules is very impactful under normal circumstances, but Equalizer rules severely reduces impact of Weak Magic.
Time to try build “normal” (under given circumstances) team composition.


Lyanna Natura will give our monsters extra hit point which might be important for healing thresholds. We plan to play 12 health monster so this will be enough to negate 1 health debuff from opponent and stay at 4 hp healing. Also extra health is always good.

@clove71 delegated lv 3 Lord A. to me few days ago. It is kinda disaster to be able to use just first level here, but all bad is partially mitigated by Equalizer rule which turns Lord A. to even more insane tank. Really wish I had better summoner here to get magic reflect and thorns – that’s whole new level of insanity. (will post few of those matches soon too)

Self-healing secondary tank that also acts as snipe tank really punishing any snipe monsters (one of reasons why you don’t want monsters with snipe ability in Equalizer matches) together with healer its 8 heal per turn after our Lord A. falls – something not that easy to brute force a way through.

Debuffer and secondary damage dealer. Debuffs in general are very valuable in equalizer matches and when combined with Lord A.’s shield and void they become even more powerful. Equalizer matches last lot longer on average so debuffs will take away points of damage for more turns giving more value.

Healers are extremely powerful in Equalizer matches they not only heal first tank but also all other monsters same amount after tank dies. And again matches last longer so they will be healing for longer. Nice bonus is that healers aren’t easily fished by opportunity attackers. Synergy with Lord A.’s incoming damage reduction and Cornealus’ max hp buff makes this healing insanely powerful.

Main damage dealer. Snare is quite useful ability in Equalizer matches because Flying is one of ways how to increase durability of your tanks. Fast speed means that Headhunter won’t miss very often. Damage is solid enough to out damage possible opponent’s healers.

Jack of all javelin throwing trades. Deals some damage, solid back-tank due to high speed (=miss chances for opponent) and possibly armor shredder to deal with those pesky 1 or so armors before our main damage dealer hits. Good value for 5 mana.


Battlefield at round 1:


here is link to battle.

Plan worked and desperation bronze level build beaten opponents team composed of cards probably worth roughly as much as my entire collection. But I know I really need to up my Earth/Life/Death summoners a bit before going for proper gold with fire or water.

My lack of Earth summoners is also reason why I don’t use Javelin Thrower well nearly at all. I expect this to change, because stats are solid and she can fit into many compositions.

Thank you for reading and good luck in the @splinterlands.


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