Goblin mech leads two pronged assault

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Dear @splinterlands fans in this weekly battle article I want to show one unorthodox
strategy that can be used with very interesting card – Goblin Mech.

Goblin Mech.png

When we look at goblin mech we see very powerful card that
costs a lot of mana
, tank that can also deal a lot of damage.

Two things can be notices easily. Goblin Mech is quite vulnerable to focused magic
so he will need some kind of protection from it. It can be from playing Mimosa,
rules prohibiting or weakening magic or simply having monster or two with Silence ability.

Second important thing is Piercing ability, which is very important.
Monster with powerful attack can have all their damage negated by just 1 point of armor.
But this does not apply for monsters with Piercing.

Positioning-wise Goblin Mech wants to be in front and that
applies even if you play 2 tank composition.
Super Sneak or Melee Mayhem is exception.

At level 6 Goblin Mech gains Stun ability, which is normally strong, but in this case
have anti-synergy with powerful attack – if you kill it you don’t need to stun it.


Let’s get into match analysis, its ranked match from diamond league:


Having our two strongest splinters disabled is not a good sign, but it’s very interesting set of rules.

While not strictly prohibiting magic it severely discourages it by buffing anything but magic.
Disabled Water splinter further reduces change of facing focused magic build.

This allows us to deploy Goblin Mech relatively safely without any significant counter magic support.

Mana Cap is high enough to deploy multiple monsters, so we don’t expect
Chicken in front
and still low enough to strongly fortify both front and backline.

One can be fortified well both not both
, at least not without significant sacrifice of damage potential.

This open option to use daring strategy that contradicts very basic rule of focusing your attacks.
We will do multi-pronged attack and try to hit opponent’s weak spot with one of our attack directions.

Attacks on both directions must be strong enough to do significant damage quickly
because by choosing this strategy we are sacrificing tankiness of our team.

Here is the final team composition:


Buffing Attack of our melee monsters increase how quickly we can clear path through opponent’s weak spot,
turn our Chicken into actual damage dealer and
since we are playing only melee monsters provide
a lot of extra damage overall

Here is our front damage dealer and tank.

Goblin Mech’s huge damage and also importantly
Piercing ability will allow him to quickly decimate
opposing monsters if
opponent’s tank fall
quickly and Goblin Mech is not focus fired.

Our Chicken will be turned into damage dealer
sitting behind tank waiting for opportunity
to hit hard once after Goblin Mech falls.

It is important that Chicken is slower than Goblin Mech,
making scenario where it attack same turn
where Goblin Mech dies very possible.

Creeping Ooze apart from dubuffing speed
work in similar way as our chicken

waiting for opportunity to strike… hard… once.

Having two small slow creature behind tank
almost guarantees that one of them will be
able to deliver its damage.

Our Second melee buff and also secondary
tank for our side that falls first.

Second buff also puts all of our damage
dealers above important thresholds

Goblin Mech will hit Shielded monsters for 4 damage,
Chicken & Ooze will hit even harder and
strengthens impact of our last monster.

Silvershield Assassin will be tasked with
decimating backline of our opponent,
either completely if unprotected or just enough to
reduce pressure on our Goblin Mech in case
opponent use durable monsters as sneak-tanks.

4 damage is important threshold for dealing
with lot of possible monsters and with
double strike on sneak attacker backline can be
shredded very quickly
if uncontested.


here is link to battle.

Plan worked to a degree… opponent used sneak monster too, but our Goblin Mech smashed
Lord A. quickly
and Silvershield Assassin managed to deal significant damage before falling.
At the end it came down to Chicken and Ooze to deliver us victory.
These little beasties can do serious damage when buffed, so often underestimated.

I like playing with Goblin Mech, but as already said he needs
some kind of anti-magic support and on top of that also high mana cap.
And preferably Super Sneak or Melee Mayhem too. But when he shines he really shines.

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Thank you for reading and good luck in the @splinterlands


images owned by splinterlands, divider made by overkillcoin_jr

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