Dialy quest rewards - 3 hits in 4 days

in Splinterlands4 years ago

Most of @splinterlands players alredy got really nice reward from daily quest at least once, but going on streak is not that common, here is what I got:


3 days before latest: Spirit Miner is nice well rounded card without weakness and as a bonus neutral, so you can ply it quite often.

2 days before latest: Battle Orca one of my "under the radar" experimental card I like to play with, solid pure health durability makes this monster amazing choice for lower mana Little League battles and GF can tank insane amount of magic damage in style.

day before latest: nothing extraordinary, well you have to miss from time to time too :D

latest daily rewards: Fire is my favorite splinter, so getting Zalran Efreet is especially nice and if getting legendary wasn't enough my alt added GF on top, crazy.

cherry on top? This official announcement! Merchant & Affiliate System Updates
Might not look as anything substantial at first glance, but when we look deeper into it means that cards will be appreciating bit more over time. I also believe this was in part responsible for appreciation of DEC on markets.

Good luck in @splinterlands, go claim some juicy daily rewards too.

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