Splinterlands meta snapshot: End of season 03-16-2020

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First of all I want to apologize for the delay of this delivery and for the few battles that have been processed this season, I would like to do a better job but the current circumstances prevent me from doing so.

My current situation

I didn't want to talk about COVID-19 in my blog, but it is a world crisis that surrounds us at this time and my country is not exempt from this situation, it has already declared a national quarantine despite having relatively few confirmed cases, which seems to me the best decision taken by the regime, our health system is practically non-existent, most of the population is poorly fed and basic services are chaotic, so if the virus is allowed to spread it would most likely end up destroying the country. To give a simple example, since yesterday at home we don't even have water to wash our hands. So, it seems to me that for the first time in all these years the regime is making a sensible decision to declare quarantine and try to contain the virus as soon as possible.

As some of you may know, I don't have an Internet connection at home either, so now that I have to be quarantined I don't have access to a stable Internet, fortunately I have managed to get a neighbour to share his WIFI with me, however the signal is very weak and unstable, it is very difficult to connect to the Firebase database, make api queries, download and install modules, etc. I've been these last 2 days trying to download the data to publish this post! I've got it a little easier today, it seems that before the sun warms up the signal arrives a little better, we'll see what can be done, despite everything I thank God for allowing me to be connected.

The situation of Splinterlands

To all this I must add the advance of the accounts with level 1 cards that seem to be more every day, or advance more, I do not know for sure since I have not dedicated myself to investigate. But I can't get battles with levels of cards suitable to be processed for the lower leagues unless they are in the first days of the season, even for the Gold league I didn't get more than a few dozen battles that are not worth publishing as they are a very unreliable sample.

But I am working

I've made some progress on the web application, I still need to solve some problems that, although I've had time, I've been so unfocused because of the situation with the virus, the food supply at home, etc. that it doesn't let me concentrate on making everything work, I'll try to balance everything and be able to focus on working on it. I show you an image of how the HTML I have written so far with my son @rael5 looks like.

The data from this last season

I show you only 2 leagues Diamond and Champion, I almost didn't publish anything, I'm a little disappointed with all this, but I guess there must be something interesting to study in the following data:

Data features

  • A total of 8423 battles were processed
  • Only ranked battles, belonging to the season that just ended.
  • Only monsters that have appeared at least five times in the database are shown.
  • Only battles where all participating monsters have their levels within the ranges shown in the table below are added to the database (except for the Furious Chicken).
Min lvl1111
Max lvl3221
Min lvl3221
Max lvl5432
Min lvl5432
Max lvl8653
Diamond & Champion
Min lvl8653
Max lvlMax.Max.Max.Max.

1151 Battles Processed


% UsedSummonerWinsLossesWinrate
13.72%Zintar Mortalis14617046.2%
11.9%Alric Stormbringer11416041.6%
11.64%Lyanna Natura12514346.64%
11.38%Selenia Sky15111157.63%
11.12%Malric Inferno10914742.57%
10.94%Tyrus Paladium13212052.38%
5.03%Daria Dragonscale427436.2%
3.9%Prince Rennyn622868.88%
2.69%Plado Emberstorm422067.74%
2.17%Crypt Mancer282256.0%
1.99%The Peakrider252154.34%
1.73%Xander Foxwood251562.5%
1.73%Delwyn Dragonscale162440.0%
0.95%Jarlax the Undead14863.63%
0.91%Xia Seachan14766.66%
0.91%Archmage Arius12957.14%
0.82%Talia Firestorm91047.36%
0.78%Camila Sungazer11761.11%
0.39%Mother Khala4544.44%
0.34%Kiara Lightbringer6275.0%
0.26%Wizard of Eastwood5183.33%


% UsedMonsterWinsLossesWinrate
43.09%Furious Chicken48850449.19%
24.32%Lord Arianthus29326752.32%
15.2%Earth Elemental20214857.71%
10.03%Crustacean King1409160.6%
10.03%Haunted Spirit10013143.29%
9.2%Spirit of the Forest1238958.01%
8.55%Twisted Jester8711044.16%
8.16%Haunted Spider8810046.8%
7.94%Skeleton Assassin849945.9%
7.9%Creeping Ooze879547.8%
7.68%Prismatic Energy938452.54%
7.29%Undead Priest789046.42%
7.16%Swamp Thing917455.15%
6.86%Kobold Miner738546.2%
6.47%Silvershield Paladin797053.02%
6.34%Elven Cutthroat648243.83%
6.29%Javelin Thrower757051.72%
6.03%Flesh Golem647546.04%
6.03%Gold Dragon875262.58%
5.82%Ruler of the Seas706452.23%
5.77%Wood Nymph726154.13%
5.69%Spineback Turtle676451.14%
5.69%Mushroom Seer725954.96%
5.38%Feral Spirit606448.38%
5.08%Water Elemental576048.71%
5.03%Divine Healer546246.55%
5.03%Lord of Darkness704660.34%
4.86%Pirate Archer644857.14%
4.82%Goblin Shaman555649.54%
4.77%Stone Golem595153.63%
4.73%Enchanted Pixie644558.71%
4.56%Elemental Phoenix446141.9%
4.47%Sea Genie574655.33%
4.34%Serpentine Soldier485248.0%
4.34%Corrupted Pegasus623862.0%
3.95%Exploding Dwarf484352.74%
3.86%Highland Archer424747.19%
3.73%Giant Roc285832.55%
3.56%Electric Eels483458.53%
3.51%Flame Imp443754.32%
3.21%Undead Archer383651.35%
3.12%Sea Monster324044.44%
3.08%Fire Demon333846.47%
3.08%Phantom Soldier383353.52%
3.04%Pirate Captain363451.42%
2.91%Beetle Queen293843.28%
2.86%Goblin Sorcerer283842.42%
2.78%Defender of Truth382659.37%
2.78%Air Elemental273742.18%
2.64%Silvershield Warrior283345.9%
2.64%Lightning Dragon322952.45%
2.51%Silvershield Knight243441.37%
2.47%Naga Warrior362163.15%
2.47%Goblin Chef372064.91%
2.43%Angel of Light352162.5%
2.3%Magi of the Forest282552.83%
2.25%Spineback Wolf252748.07%
2.25%Crystal Werewolf302257.69%
2.17%Imp Bowman193138.0%
2.12%Mischievous Mermaid282157.14%
2.04%Animated Corpse192840.42%
2.04%Divine Sorceress301763.82%
1.99%Sabre Shark143230.43%
1.95%Silvershield Bard261957.77%
1.82%Screeching Vulture261661.9%
1.78%Fire Beetle122929.26%
1.78%Pit Ogre202148.78%
1.73%Serpent of the Flame241660.0%
1.73%Dwarven Wizard251562.5%
1.69%Frozen Soldier132633.33%
1.69%Fiendish Harpy182146.15%
1.65%Naga Windmaster201852.63%
1.65%Gelatinous Cube191950.0%
1.6%Mermaid Healer221559.45%
1.6%Chain Golem172045.94%
1.56%Screaming Banshee162044.44%
1.56%Silvershield Assassin191752.77%
1.43%Minotaur Warrior122136.36%
1.43%Stonesplitter Orc161748.48%
1.39%Fallen Specter181456.25%
1.3%Clay Golem131743.33%
1.3%Sacred Unicorn181260.0%
1.25%Skeletal Warrior151451.72%
1.08%Naga Fire Wizard81732.0%
1.04%Peaceful Giant131154.16%
1.04%Grumpy Dwarf91537.5%
1.04%Goblin Mech81633.33%
0.95%Frost Giant81436.36%
0.95%Chromatic Dragon71531.81%
0.91%Silvershield Archers101147.61%
0.91%Failed Summoner15671.42%
0.91%Khmer Princess16576.19%
0.82%Kron the Undying11857.89%
0.82%Dragon Jumper71236.84%
0.78%Black Dragon13572.22%
0.73%Magi Sphinx71041.17%
0.73%Fire Spitter13476.47%
0.69%Dark Ha'on13381.25%
0.69%Ice Pixie10662.5%
0.65%Raging Impaler9660.0%
0.65%Death Elemental11473.33%
0.6%Dark Enchantress41028.57%
0.6%Spark Pixies7750.0%
0.6%Tower Griffin10471.42%
0.6%Ettin Spearman7750.0%
0.52%Fire Elemental4833.33%
0.52%Child of the Forest10283.33%
0.52%Mitica Headhunter8466.66%
0.52%Scale Doctor11191.66%
0.47%Molten Ogre6554.54%
0.47%Enchanted Defender7463.63%
0.47%Lone Boatman3827.27%
0.47%Elven Mystic6554.54%
0.43%Lord of Fire6460.0%
0.43%Luminous Eagle5550.0%
0.43%Magma Troll6460.0%
0.43%Phantom of the Abyss5550.0%
0.39%Red Dragon4544.44%
0.39%Bone Golem5455.55%
0.39%Serpentine Spy5455.55%
0.39%Spirit Shaman4544.44%
0.34%Parasitic Growth4450.0%
0.34%The Vigilator4450.0%
0.34%Wave Runner2625.0%
0.3%Spirit Miner70100.0%
0.3%The Kraken4357.14%
0.3%Zalran Efreet2528.57%
0.26%Dragonling Bowman3350.0%
0.26%Cursed Slimeball3350.0%
0.26%Orc Sergeant4266.66%
0.26%Serpentine Mystic3350.0%
0.21%Goblin Fireballer1420.0%
0.21%Shadowy Presence50100.0%

7272 Battles Processed


% UsedSummonerWinsLossesWinrate
12.77%Selenia Sky99886053.71%
11.9%Tyrus Paladium80892346.67%
11.02%Alric Stormbringer63297239.4%
10.51%Prince Rennyn97655363.83%
8.71%Lyanna Natura51675240.69%
6.82%Zintar Mortalis39060339.27%
5.73%Malric Inferno29853635.73%
4.37%Plado Emberstorm34629054.4%
4.13%Daria Dragonscale24235940.26%
3.47%The Peakrider31519162.25%
2.81%Crypt Mancer26214764.05%
2.38%Archmage Arius20813959.94%
1.91%Xander Foxwood15912056.98%
1.8%Xia Seachan14811556.27%
1.38%Jarlax the Undead1049851.48%
1.1%Kiara Lightbringer837751.87%
0.88%Prince Julian864267.18%
0.87%Talia Firestorm646350.39%
0.65%Delwyn Dragonscale484750.52%
0.54%Camila Sungazer483160.75%
0.28%Wizard of Eastwood182343.9%
0.13%Contessa L'ament51426.31%
0.11%Drake of Arnak61037.5%
0.1%Mother Khala10566.66%


% UsedMonsterWinsLossesWinrate
35.5%Furious Chicken2458270647.59%
26.22%Lord Arianthus2100171455.06%
15.93%Crustacean King1278103955.15%
14.78%Earth Elemental1104104751.32%
13.48%Creeping Ooze101095151.5%
12.65%Spirit of the Forest106377757.77%
12.0%Swamp Thing105469260.36%
11.74%Prismatic Energy85285649.88%
9.39%Elven Cutthroat69966851.13%
8.98%Javelin Thrower69860953.4%
8.94%Ruler of the Seas63067148.42%
8.72%Gold Dragon72754257.28%
8.2%Feral Spirit65054354.48%
6.9%Pirate Archer50749750.49%
6.77%Wood Nymph47351347.97%
6.74%Silvershield Paladin45153045.97%
6.6%Spineback Turtle43852245.62%
6.33%Sea Genie44248047.93%
6.31%Divine Healer39352542.81%
6.2%Enchanted Pixie45644650.55%
6.06%Flesh Golem34753539.34%
5.53%Mushroom Seer36044544.72%
5.21%Undead Priest36639248.28%
5.17%Water Elemental30844540.9%
5.17%Corrupted Pegasus45130259.89%
5.15%Angel of Light45229860.26%
5.06%Goblin Shaman34838947.21%
5.01%Kobold Miner30342741.5%
4.9%Crystal Werewolf38033453.22%
4.89%Haunted Spirit31240043.82%
4.73%Electric Eels39729257.61%
4.33%Silvershield Bard38324760.79%
4.24%Lord of Darkness34627156.07%
4.15%Skeleton Assassin29231248.34%
4.1%Mermaid Healer35024758.62%
4.09%Twisted Jester21338235.79%
4.07%Defender of Truth28031247.29%
3.84%Highland Archer24131843.11%
3.79%Goblin Sorcerer27627650.0%
3.63%Sea Monster15137828.54%
3.61%Serpentine Soldier26126549.61%
3.59%Goblin Chef30421958.12%
3.56%Magi of the Forest26425450.96%
3.45%Exploding Dwarf24625649.0%
3.42%Mischievous Mermaid24225648.59%
3.41%Haunted Spider17831935.81%
3.33%Peaceful Giant28020557.73%
3.3%Elemental Phoenix22925247.6%
3.27%Stone Golem23923850.1%
3.19%Flame Imp21924547.19%
3.08%Lightning Dragon26118758.25%
3.05%Naga Warrior26218358.87%
2.93%Air Elemental14128633.02%
2.86%Fiendish Harpy24417358.51%
2.68%Naga Windmaster19719350.51%
2.66%Silvershield Knight18720048.32%
2.59%Goblin Mech12025831.74%
2.5%Phantom Soldier15920643.56%
2.44%Undead Archer17518149.15%
2.41%Pirate Captain15120043.01%
2.33%Dwarven Wizard18415554.27%
2.3%Fire Demon16716849.85%
2.26%Divine Sorceress17215752.27%
2.18%Khmer Princess19512361.32%
2.17%Silvershield Assassin20411264.55%
1.95%Magi Sphinx13115346.12%
1.94%Serpent of the Flame13315046.99%
1.93%Chain Golem15212954.09%
1.91%Giant Roc9318633.33%
1.87%Ice Pixie1789465.44%
1.87%Failed Summoner1878568.75%
1.73%Tower Griffin1718267.58%
1.68%Silvershield Warrior7916632.24%
1.67%Sacred Unicorn9714639.91%
1.6%Pit Ogre12011351.5%
1.58%Imp Bowman11211948.48%
1.51%Sabre Shark9512543.18%
1.5%Elven Mystic1487167.57%
1.49%Child of the Forest1477167.43%
1.49%Screeching Vulture1259357.33%
1.42%Scale Doctor1456270.04%
1.39%Fire Beetle6513832.01%
1.39%Dragon Jumper1178657.63%
1.38%Skeletal Warrior9910249.25%
1.34%Beetle Queen8011640.81%
1.27%Frozen Soldier7611040.86%
1.27%Minotaur Warrior5413229.03%
1.16%Gelatinous Cube907953.25%
1.11%Spineback Wolf699342.59%
1.11%Black Dragon887454.32%
1.09%Animated Corpse5710235.84%
1.07%Stonesplitter Orc579936.53%
1.06%Dark Ha'on1094670.32%
1.05%Enchanted Defender747948.36%
0.99%Screaming Banshee578739.58%
0.97%Kron the Undying806256.33%
0.96%Mitica Headhunter944667.14%
0.95%Raging Impaler796056.83%
0.94%Cursed Slimeball835560.14%
0.89%Clay Golem478336.15%
0.87%Frost Giant646350.39%
0.85%Fallen Specter705456.45%
0.83%Spirit Miner695356.55%
0.81%Serpentine Spy556446.21%
0.78%Grumpy Dwarf258921.92%
0.77%Naga Fire Wizard417236.28%
0.75%Chromatic Dragon535748.18%
0.73%Darkest Mage753270.09%
0.73%Spark Pixies525548.59%
0.71%Death Elemental614358.65%
0.71%Phantom of the Abyss624259.61%
0.7%Dark Enchantress356734.31%
0.68%Red Dragon594159.0%
0.61%Silvershield Archers315834.83%
0.61%Cave Slug602967.41%
0.61%The Kraken513857.3%
0.55%The Vigilator453655.55%
0.54%Minotaur Warlord413851.89%
0.53%Parasitic Growth443456.41%
0.47%Undead Badger402957.97%
0.45%Fire Spitter303645.45%
0.41%Fire Elemental313050.81%
0.41%Molten Ogre243640.0%
0.4%Living Lava223737.28%
0.38%Lone Boatman322457.14%
0.38%War Chaang332358.92%
0.36%Lord of Fire213239.62%
0.35%Flame Monkey252748.07%
0.34%Goblin Fireballer222844.0%
0.33%Goblin Chariot252451.02%
0.33%Serpentine Mystic212842.85%
0.33%Luminous Eagle242450.0%
0.33%Tortisian Chief301862.5%
0.3%Shadowy Presence251956.81%
0.28%High Priest Darius231856.09%
0.25%Light Elemental211656.75%
0.24%Dragonling Bowman112530.55%
0.22%Bone Golem161748.48%
0.22%Crystal Jaguar211263.63%
0.22%Unicorn Mustang221166.66%
0.22%Ettin Spearman181554.54%
0.22%Coral Wraith211165.62%
0.19%Gloridax Guardian141548.27%
0.17%Horny Toad151157.69%
0.17%Gloridax Magus121348.0%
0.16%Giant Scorpion131154.16%
0.16%Zalran Efreet121250.0%
0.15%Rusty Android61627.27%
0.15%Orc Sergeant91340.9%
0.14%Dark Astronomer111052.38%
0.14%Baby Unicorn14766.66%
0.13%Magma Troll101050.0%
0.12%Battle Orca61233.33%
0.12%Diamond Dragon81044.44%
0.12%Spirit Shaman9950.0%
0.11%Ferexia General8947.05%
0.11%Giant Squid11664.7%
0.11%Feasting Seaweed10662.5%
0.1%Serpent of Eld51033.33%
0.1%Elven Defender51033.33%
0.09%Sniping Narwhal1137.14%
0.09%Goblin Thief6842.85%
0.09%Nectar Queen8657.14%
0.08%Undead Minotaur4930.76%
0.04%Barking Spider5271.42%
0.04%Undead Rexx3442.85%
0.04%Warrior of Peace3442.85%
0.04%Kobold Bruiser4266.66%
0.03%Royal Dragon Archer2340.0%
0.03%Tortisian Fighter4180.0%

Please feel free to leave a comment on what you think about all this data, thanks for reading it and see you in the game.

The images used in this post belong to or are inspired by Splinterlands. a TCG game integrated to the STEEM Blockchain.


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Darth! I'm so sorry you are going through this.
Yes, the entire world is being affected, some much more than others.

Thank you for working so hard to get this out. I understand your frustration with the wifi and everything else. I totally appreciate these though. And! Your screenshot of the HTML you're working on looks great!

Hopefully, all of this will be done sooner rather than later and we'll be able to get back to 'normal'.

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