Crypto Collectibles presents Splinterlands Borderlands Box Art Mashup for Splinterlands Art Contest Week 162

An entry for Splinterlands Art Contest Week 162. Had a couple of mashup ideas and finally sat down and did the work to make what I had in mind a reality. The process included using just four Splinterland card images (thanks to for being a great host for all the original card art and also just an amazing Splinterlands resource), some added logos, and of course the original Borderlands box art:

While I did settle on Rusty Android because the round eyes and an aesthetic that didn't feel too off of Borderlands, I almost went with Plado Emberstorm.

Thanks for checking out, make sure to like and subscribe! Actually no wait, don't do that, just enjoy the art and check out the comments section here to see more great entries for this contest.

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