Splinterlands-Opening Two Untamed Pack And Daily Quest Giveaway

in Splinterlands2 years ago

Hello Splinters!

This is my first post in this community, so I am here to give you a good news which is going to start from tomorrow. Before sharing the good news here something which is not so good for me
Today i brought two untamed pack but opening them left a crack in my heart .
The first one contained only one rare card and other are normal

untamed 1.png

And here is the second contain 1 epic and one rare nothing more valuable

untamed 2.png

Now coming to the pain part about Daily Quest Giveaway

From now on everyday or the following day whenever i am able to complete my daily #splinterland quest their will be a Splinterlands card giveaway,

About Prize

Starting from tomorrow every day

1st to 6th day winner will receive most valuable card(Rare, Epic, gold foil or Legendary) whichever i will receive from daily quest of Splinterlands.
7th day winner receive One Gold Foil Card
30th day winner receive One Legendary Card

There will be some simple rules you need to follow to join the Daily Quest Giveaway

If you are not in Splinterlands joined now...........


At least you got an Epic. Bought 8 packs, got not even an epic.

Try your luck in here maybe you win better card

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