What is wrong with the splinterlands?

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Greetings friends!

Splinterlands had been a nice game. But, I am witnessing that from last year it is playing intentionally bad. It is not with me but also with the other players who are feeling as if they have been betrayed by this game.

I am feeling that I am not winning those games which I should have won. My better monster are missing their attack while enemy's slow monsters are not failing to attack my monsters with the high speed. I am not going to discuss this matter but it is a part of the foul play of the game.

In the past I was not given the daily SPS reward on more than two occasions. I raised a complaint but nobody responded. So, I had to sustain a heavy loss on that occasion.

Also, I had transferred some SPS from splinterlands to hive-engine on one occasion but it never reached to hive engine. No response was given to my complaint.

This time bad thing happened again. I have some unclaimed SPS (224) which I am not able to claim.

SPS 1.png

As it can be seen in the above screenshot that I have rewards available. But, it is not possible to claim them because of the following error:

Sps delay.png

I tried on next day. But, the things were the same. I am pretty sure that they don't have any explanation for this. They'll direct me to some unsecured link and thereafter would sleep for indefinite period.

This game can be a blockchain sensation. But, such things would definitely take it to the obscurity if the developers of this game don't change their attitude. You cannot be successful if you try to take a shortcut for success. If your intention is to make huge profit in a short time, then it won't work for you as bad strategy always backfires.

I hope they will realize their mistakes.

Thank you.


Thanks for everything

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