This game has become highly unfair.

in Splinterlands9 months ago

Greetings friends!

I am playing this game for a long time and have pointed out its merits and demerits time and again. I am noticing that game has been designed in such a way that how much you try or how nice cards you select, if opponent side is a bot or splinterlands' special player, your chances of winning are very low. For example, I selected a card with blind ability in a weak magic ruleset, my cards were easily targeted by the opponent's monsters while my monsters were missing the opponent team. I used monster with dodge ability but, it was targeted by the slow pace monster, despite of normal ruleset. In contrary to it, my equal pace monster misses opponent's equal paced monsters many time. My monster with stun ability cannot stun opponent's monster but, opposite happens every time.

In a short, my blind ability, dodge ability, stun ability etc. do not work but, opponent's monster easily use them and win. I have also noticed that opponent's stampede work too many times and mine doesn't. So, it is apparent that splinterland's algorithm is giving undue advantage to some players and bots while decreasing my chances of winning. This game is resorting to unfair means which is not in the interest of the players as well as the game. It may collapse the whole system and people may lose interest on it. So, it is the high time for the developers of the game to notice whatever I have written in this post.
Hoping that they will work honestly. Thank you.

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